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IP5: L'île aux pachydermes

IP5: L'île aux pachydermes (1992)

Rating: 6.2 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in IP5: L'île aux pachydermes. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Yves Montand as Leon Marcel

Has previous starred with Martine Gautier (2 movies), Géraldine Pailhas (2 movies), Colette Renard (2 movies), Georges Staquet (3 movies)

Olivier Martinez as Tony

Has previous starred with Georges Staquet (2 movies)

Sekkou Sall as Jockey

Has previous starred with Jenny Clève (2 movies)

Géraldine Pailhas as Gloria

Colette Renard as Clarisse, Monique

Sotigui Kouyaté as Emile

Georges Staquet as Jean-Marie

Has previous starred with Jenny Clève (2 movies)

Arlette Didier as Arlouse

Kleber Bouzzone as Lulu

Bernard Lepinaux as Canon Ball

Laurent Duquesnoy as La Force

Olivier Barret as Kronk

Samir Guesmi as Saddam

Has previous starred with Alain Stern (2 movies), Olivier Martinez (2 movies), Georges Staquet (2 movies), Sekkou Sall (2 movies), Jenny Clève (4 movies)

Carole Richert as Sophia

Jane Hugon as Caretaker

Monsieur Robin as Tenant

Fabien Béhar as Diner

Has previous starred with Géraldine Pailhas (2 movies), Laurent Duquesnoy (2 movies)

Sylvaine Bouley as Waitress

Rémy Carpentier as Soldier

Has previous starred with Jenny Clève (2 movies), Georges Staquet (2 movies)

Jacques Giraud as Policeman

Has previous starred with Georges Staquet (3 movies)

Serge Feuillard as Policeman

Norman Stokle as Englishman

Alain Stern as Motel Manager

Has previous starred with Sylvaine Bouley (2 movies)

Volker Marek as Doctor

Maria Pitarresi as Motel Receptionist

Dumitru Furdui as Innkeeper

Has previous starred with Gabriel Monnet (2 movies)

Gabriel Monnet as Butcher

Nathalie Dorval as Emergency Nurse

Martine Gautier as Nurse

Jenny Clève as La soeur de Léon

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