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Kill Me Again

Kill Me Again (1989)

Rating: 6.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Kill Me Again. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Pat Mulligan as Sammy

Nick Dimitri as Marty

Michael Madsen as Vince Miller

Joanne Whalley as Fay Forrester

Robert Schuch as Collection Agent #1

Duane Tucker as Collection Agent #2

Val Kilmer as Jack Andrews

Has previous starred with Michael Madsen (2 movies), Joanne Whalley (4 movies)

Molly Flanegin as Gossipy Motel Clerk

Dominic Dinino as Rest Stop Little Boy

Daniel Dorse as Rest Stop Father

Bibi Besch as Jack's Secretary

Jim Boeke as Javonovitch

Jon Gries as Alan Swayzie

Has previous starred with Val Kilmer (3 movies)

Michael Sharrett as Tim the Motel Clerk

Has previous starred with Duane Tucker (2 movies)

Debby Lynn Ross as Kathy the Drowned Wife

Stanley Brown as 7-11 Motel Clerk

Dan Sturdivant as Airport Ticket Agent

Jeff Morrell as Uniformed Cop

Jeff LeBeau as Arresting Cop

Michael Greene as Lt. Hendrix

James Henriksen as Detective #1

Lee Wilkof as Big Jim

Joseph Carberry as Jonesy

Roy Kieffer as Hilton Desk Clerk

Victoria Hirsch as Hilton Bartender

Ralph M. Cardinale as Spiv the Informer

Bruce Claessens as Helpful Patrolman

Darrel Wayne as Echo Bay Manager

Sheldon Haun as Last Chance Proprietor

Jeri Arredondo as Indian Girl

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