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L'école pour tous

L'école pour tous (2006)

Rating: 4.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in L'école pour tous. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Arié Elmaleh as Jahwad

Has previous starred with Roland Menou (2 movies)

Élodie Navarre as Pivoine

Vincent Desagnat as Leroux

Noémie Lvovsky as Krikorian

Nader Boussandel as Yacine

Has previous starred with Gilles Cohen (2 movies), Arié Elmaleh (2 movies), Valérie Bonneton (2 movies), Vincent Desagnat (3 movies)

Gilles Cohen as Jean-Christophe Despalin

Has previous starred with Adama Karaguera (2 movies), Aymen Saïdi (2 movies), Noémie Lvovsky (3 movies)

Samuel Labarthe as Le principal

Irina Muluile as Halimata

Reda Oudra as Brandon

Oscar Copp as Kevin

Has previous starred with Chloé Coulloud (2 movies)

Aymen Saïdi as Karim

Has previous starred with Kahena Saighi (2 movies), Noémie Lvovsky (2 movies)

Emmanuelle Hubert as Carole

Sabrina Boudaoud as Aïcha

Sabrina Lehioui as Djamila

Naïm El Mahi as Khalid

Sabrina Benhammou as Leïla

Adama Karaguera as Jérémy

Has previous starred with Irina Muluile (2 movies)

Souhil Guernouti as Nabil

Chloé Coulloud as Cindy

Has previous starred with Élodie Navarre (2 movies)

Nadia Boudaoud as Zora

Doria Achour as Ambre

Benjamin Euston as Mario

Walli N'Diaye as Wilfried

Awa Diallo as Nina

Youva Ben Mamar as Hakim

Abeline Tchignoumba as Clarisse

Valérie Bonneton as Pashmina

Has previous starred with Élodie Navarre (2 movies), Noémie Lvovsky (4 movies)

Florence Denou as Vibrot

Kahena Saighi as Samia

Roland Menou as Sylvain

Has previous starred with Élodie Navarre (2 movies), Noémie Lvovsky (3 movies), Valérie Bonneton (3 movies)

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