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L'ultima ruota del carro

L'ultima ruota del carro (2013)

Rating: 6.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in L'ultima ruota del carro. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Elio Germano as Ernesto

Has previous starred with Luis Molteni (2 movies)

Alessandra Mastronardi as Angela

Ricky Memphis as Giacinto

Has previous starred with Francesca Antonelli (2 movies), Luis Molteni (2 movies), Francesca d'Aloja (3 movies)

Sergio Rubini as Fabrizio Del Monte

Has previous starred with Francesca De Martini (2 movies), Massimo Wertmüller (5 movies)

Virginia Raffaele as Mara

Alessandro Haber as Il Maestro

Has previous starred with Alberto Mangiante (2 movies), Alessandra Mastronardi (2 movies), Ricky Memphis (2 movies), Francesca d'Aloja (2 movies), Luis Molteni (2 movies), Massimo Wertmüller (3 movies), Francesca De Martini (3 movies), Sergio Rubini (5 movies)

Francesca Antonelli as Agnese

Maurizio Battista as Zio Alberto

Has previous starred with Anna Ferruzzo (2 movies)

Francesca d'Aloja as Donna Giulia

Elena Di Cioccio as Giuliana

Luis Molteni as Cocco

Has previous starred with Ubaldo Pantani (2 movies), Sergio Rubini (2 movies)

Ubaldo Pantani as Il Toscano

Dalila Di Lazzaro as Signora veneta

Massimo Wertmüller as Ernesto's Father

Has previous starred with Francesca d'Aloja (2 movies), Anna Ferruzzo (2 movies), Francesca De Martini (2 movies), Dalila Di Lazzaro (2 movies)

Alberto Mangiante as Aiuto regista

Has previous starred with Anna Ferruzzo (2 movies), Alessandra Mastronardi (2 movies)

Anna Ferruzzo as Dottoressa Bonanni

Francesca De Martini as Ernesto's Mother

Francesco Formichetti as Barman

Marina Perini

Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz as Francesca

Tatiana Luter as Giornalista

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