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La fracture du myocarde

La fracture du myocarde (1990)

Rating: 6.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in La fracture du myocarde. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Sylvain Copans as Martin

Nicolas Parodi as Jerome

Olivier Montiege as Antoine

Cécilia Rouaud as Marianne

Lucie Blossier as Claire

Delphine Gouttman as Helene

Benoît Gautier as Julien

Kaldi el Hadj as Dede

Mathieu Poussin as Nicolas

Romuald Jarny as Pierrot

Wilfrid Flandrin as Mozart

Dominique Lavanant as Claire's mother

Jacques Bonnaffé as History teacher

Has previous starred with Maurice Frydland (2 movies), Gérard Croce (3 movies)

François Dyrek as Titanic

Has previous starred with Michel Pilorgé (2 movies), Dominique Lavanant (3 movies)

Maurice Bénichou as Le voisin

Has previous starred with Gérard Croce (2 movies), Michel Pilorgé (4 movies), François Dyrek (4 movies)

Jacques Brunet as School principal

Has previous starred with Gérard Croce (2 movies)

Catherine Hubeau as Dodoche

Gérard Croce as Judge

Has previous starred with François Dyrek (2 movies), Dominique Lavanant (2 movies), Michel Pilorgé (2 movies), Maurice Frydland (3 movies)

Wilfried Blin as Olivier

Laurence Imbert as Le mère de Nicolas

Michel Pilorgé as Le père de Nicolas

Has previous starred with Dominique Lavanant (4 movies)

Renée Cousseau as La mère de Marianne

Maurice Frydland as Le père de Marianne

Cyrille Gaudin as Nurse

Christine Prieur as Madame Haudray

Huguette Hatier as Jérome's Mother

Didier Lastere as Director of Orphanage

Jean-Louis Boutevin as School Supervisor

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