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La jungle

La jungle (2006)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in La jungle. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Patrick Mille as Vincent Larchet

Has previous starred with Élise Otzenberger (2 movies)

Guillaume Gallienne as Mathias Warkhevytch

Has previous starred with Gérald Laroche (2 movies), Joseph Malerba (2 movies), Rony Kramer (2 movies)

Olivia Magnani as Alessia Massari

Sophie Cattani as Christine Moretti

Has previous starred with Miren Pradier (3 movies)

Guy Bedos as Le père de Vincent

Has previous starred with Anémone Anémone (2 movies)

Anémone Anémone as La mère de Mathias

Has previous starred with Valérie Bonneton (4 movies)

Antoine Oppenheim as Hugo

Has previous starred with Matthieu Rozé (2 movies), Miren Pradier (2 movies), Sophie Cattani (3 movies)

Élise Otzenberger as Aurélie

Yvon Martin as Christophe

Olivia Dessolin as Justine

Vincent Berger as Eric

Eleonore Pourriat as Coralie

Miren Pradier as La première fille de la boîte

Gaëlle Malpaux as La deuxième fille de la boîte

Lara Guirao as Mme Carle

Abdelhafid Metalsi as Le vigile

Damien Dorsaz as Bruno Lapierre de la Roserie

Joseph Malerba as Le médecin

Has previous starred with Anémone Anémone (2 movies), Patrick Mille (6 movies)

Pomme Bourcart as L'interne

Valérie Bonneton as Natacha

Matthieu Rozé as Marc-Aurèle

Has previous starred with Sophie Cattani (2 movies), Miren Pradier (2 movies)

Rony Kramer as Le concierge

Anne-Sophie Franck as Irina

Hrysto Hrysto as Le sourd-muet 1

Emmanuel Suarez as Le sourd-muet 2

Kamran Rehman as Le sourd-muet 3

Louis-Do de Lencquesaing as L'examinateur

Has previous starred with Guillaume Gallienne (2 movies), Sophie Cattani (2 movies), Yvon Martin (2 movies), Valérie Bonneton (2 movies)

Gérald Laroche as Le psychiatre

Has previous starred with Patrick Mille (2 movies), Abdelhafid Metalsi (2 movies), Lara Guirao (2 movies)

Ambroise Gayet as A lawyer

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