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La revanche

La revanche (1981)

Rating: 3.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in La revanche. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Annie Girardot as Jeanne Jouvert

Victor Lanoux as Alfred Jouvert

Has previous starred with Claude Rich (2 movies), Alain Mercier (2 movies)

Claude Rich as Jacques Beaufort

Has previous starred with Annie Girardot (2 movies), Catherine Alric (3 movies)

Dominique Labourier as Anne Beaufort

Catherine Alric as Sylvie Noec

Has previous starred with Annie Girardot (4 movies)

Philippe Avron as Alexandre Degueldre

Has previous starred with Greg Germain (2 movies), Jean-Pierre Sentier (2 movies)

Nicholas Bang

Has previous starred with Gérard Holtz (2 movies), Annie Girardot (2 movies)

Mika Barthel

Gérard Boucaron as Marcel

Has previous starred with Victor Lanoux (2 movies), Patrick Chetrit (2 movies)

Boudjema Bouhada

Jacqueline Chabridon as La journaliste

Patrick Chetrit

Alain Delafosse

Jacques Disses

Didier Flamand as L'éditeur

Has previous starred with Fabienne Mai (2 movies), Victor Lanoux (2 movies), Dominique Labourier (2 movies), Annie Girardot (3 movies), Nabil Massad (3 movies), Jean-Pierre Sentier (3 movies)

Yves Gabrielli

Has previous starred with Jacqueline Holtz (2 movies), Annie Girardot (5 movies), Claude Rich (5 movies)

Bruno Garcin as Inspecteur Morland

Greg Germain as Inspecteur Bastiani

Has previous starred with Jean-Pierre Sentier (2 movies), Gérard Moulévrier (2 movies)

Jacques Hadjae

Gérard Holtz as Le speaker TV

Jacqueline Holtz

Raquel Iruzubieta as Bianca

Fabienne Mai as Suzanne

Nabil Massad

Sophie Matalou

Alain Mercier

Rudolph Monori

Has previous starred with Claude Rich (2 movies)

Gérard Moulévrier

Alain Salomon

Jean-Pierre Sentier as Jo Storti

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