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La soupe froide

La soupe froide (1975)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in La soupe froide. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Julian Negulesco as Luc

Jean-Jacques Moreau as Abel

Has previous starred with Martine Ferrière (2 movies), Julian Negulesco (2 movies), Christine Laurent (3 movies), Roger Riffard (3 movies)

Christine Laurent as Julie

Sylvie Milhaud as Sarah

Raymond Bussières as Antoine

Has previous starred with Julian Negulesco (2 movies), Roger Riffard (3 movies), Maryse Martin (4 movies), Hubert Deschamps (9 movies)

Hubert Deschamps as Delaville

Has previous starred with Maria Meriko (2 movies), Martine Ferrière (2 movies), Martin Trévières (2 movies), Jean-Jacques Moreau (3 movies), Julien Verdier (3 movies), Roger Riffard (5 movies)

Maria Meriko as Madame Martin

Maryse Martin as Veleda

Etienne Bierry as Maury

Has previous starred with Maria Meriko (2 movies), Hubert Deschamps (3 movies), Julien Verdier (3 movies)

Martin Trévières as Marius

Françoise Bette as Juliette

Julien Verdier as Sacrovir

Has previous starred with Maryse Martin (3 movies)

Roger Riffard as Gaston

Has previous starred with Maria Meriko (2 movies), Christine Laurent (2 movies), Maryse Martin (2 movies)

Martine Ferrière as Madame Saury

Paul Bisciglia as Le garde-champêtre

Has previous starred with Julien Verdier (2 movies), Julian Negulesco (2 movies), Maryse Martin (2 movies), Martine Ferrière (2 movies), Françoise Bette (3 movies), Raymond Bussières (3 movies), Jean-Jacques Moreau (4 movies), Roger Riffard (4 movies), Hubert Deschamps (10 movies)

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