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Le amiche del cuore

Le amiche del cuore (1992)

Rating: 6.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Le amiche del cuore. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Asia Argento as Simona

Carlotta Natoli as Morena

Claudia Pandolfi as Claudia

Michele Placido as Padre di Simona

Has previous starred with Nello Riviè (2 movies), Simonetta Stefanelli (6 movies)

Enrico Lo Verso as Lucio

Has previous starred with Asia Argento (2 movies), Claudio Masin (3 movies), Claudia Pandolfi (3 movies), Michele Placido (4 movies)

Laura Trotter as Letizia

Franco Interlenghi as Tribodi

Has previous starred with Dolores Calò (2 movies), Claudia Pandolfi (2 movies), Enrico Lo Verso (2 movies), Michele Placido (2 movies)

Simonetta Stefanelli as Giuliana

Orchidea de Santis as Elena

Dolores Calò as Nonna Morena

Riccardo Calvani as Barista

Franca Conti as Madre di Claudia

Susanna Conti as Viola

Ivano De Matteo as Danilo

Simone Del Proposto as Alfio

Claudio Dumani as Allenatore

Lavinia Fravolini as Vetrinista

Claudio Masin as Carlo

Has previous starred with Claudia Pandolfi (2 movies)

Roberto Nobile as Capo infermiere

Has previous starred with Carlotta Natoli (2 movies), Michele Placido (2 movies), Nello Riviè (2 movies)

Nello Riviè as Pacetti

Has previous starred with Orchidea de Santis (2 movies)

Enrico Silvestrin as Cameraman

Paki Valente as Nando Crozza

Andrea Varese as Giancarlo

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