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Le bruit des gens autour

Le bruit des gens autour (2008)

Rating: 6.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Le bruit des gens autour. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Bruno Todeschini as Richard

Has previous starred with Judith El Zein (2 movies)

Linh Dan Pham as La spectatrice

Has previous starred with Jeanne Rosa (2 movies)

Emma de Caunes as Maud

Has previous starred with Léa Drucker (2 movies), Jeanne Rosa (2 movies)

Frédéric Andrau as Alex

Has previous starred with Judith El Zein (2 movies), Emma de Caunes (2 movies), Jeanne Rosa (3 movies)

Léa Drucker as Kate

Has previous starred with Judith El Zein (2 movies), Linh Dan Pham (2 movies)

Olivier Py as Marko

Has previous starred with Richard Schroeder (2 movies), Léa Drucker (2 movies)

Jeanne Rosa as Louise

Judith El Zein as Léna

Has previous starred with Jeanne Rosa (2 movies)

Olivier Marchal as Henri

Stéphane Marteel as Le patron de la Luna

Ingrid Chevalier as Ingrid

Olivier Jahan as Festivalier aux lunettes noires

Arlette Tephany as Femme église

Laurent Lafitte as Philippe

Has previous starred with Olivier Marchal (2 movies), Judith El Zein (3 movies), Léa Drucker (3 movies)

Isabelle Téphany as Mère de Kate

Jérémy Cardacia as Musicien piscine

Justine Desprez as Musicienne piscine

Bastien Pelenc as Musicien piscine

Sandrine Zaragoza as Isabelle

Chloé Chevalier as Affichiste

Matthieu Boisliveau as Affichiste

Stéphane Baquet as Stef

Christophe Honoré as Photographe

Dominique Tésis as Dame Luna

Audrey Grisoni as Dame Chêne Noir

Elias Attig as Régisseur Kate

Mickaël Chirinian as Copain d'Ingrid

Has previous starred with Charlotte Lipinska (2 movies), Léa Drucker (2 movies)

Charlotte Lipinska as Journaliste

Richard Schroeder as Père de Kate

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