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Le monde de Marty

Le monde de Marty (2000)

Rating: 6.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Le monde de Marty. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Michel Serrault as Antoine Berrant

Has previous starred with Myriam Moszko (3 movies)

Jonathan Demurger as Martin Sauvier dit Marty

Annick Alane as Suzanne Berrant

Florence Hebbelynck as Myriam

Camille Japy as Claire Sauvier - la mère de Marty

Jean-Christophe Barc as Bricout

Jacques Dynam as Charles Dancourt

Has previous starred with Myriam Moszko (2 movies), Michel Serrault (10 movies)

Patrick Bouchitey as Le professeur Zilberman

Has previous starred with Jacques Dynam (2 movies), Philippe Peltier (2 movies), Jonathan Demurger (2 movies), Christian Charmetant (2 movies), Michel Serrault (4 movies)

Christian Charmetant as Le professeur Richard Leguen

Has previous starred with Annick Alane (2 movies), Michel Serrault (2 movies)

Marie-Ange Dutheil as Madame Plantier - la casse-burnes

Myriam Moszko as Josiane

Jean-Paul Bonnaire as René

Has previous starred with Patrick Bouchitey (2 movies), Myriam Moszko (2 movies), Camille Japy (2 movies), Michel Serrault (2 movies), Bernard Cheron (3 movies)

Bernard Cheron as Paul

Has previous starred with Camille Japy (2 movies)

Claire Hammond as Bénédicte

Anaïs Demoustier as Jennifer Royer

Philippe Peltier as Garcia

Fernand Kindt as Torkan

Has previous starred with Annick Alane (2 movies)

Claude Talpaert as Ferret

Jean-Pierre Panier as Jaffray

Albert Vantomme as Le videur

Olivier Brabant as Arnaud

Patricia Mornie as L'employée

Pascal Boudin as Le premier infirmier

Christophe Parsy as Le second infirmier

Sarah Lebrocq as Madame Ronaldo

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