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Les bancals

Les bancals (1983)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Les bancals. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Paul Crauchet as Antoine

Has previous starred with Albert Delpy (2 movies), Dimitri Radochevitch (2 movies)

Albert Delpy as Alain

Has previous starred with Claude Harold (2 movies), Marie Verdi (2 movies), Dimitri Radochevitch (2 movies), Jacky Pratoussy (3 movies), Marie Pillet (16 movies)

Gilbert Bahon as Patron furieux du restaurant

Has previous starred with Paul Crauchet (2 movies), Jacky Pratoussy (3 movies)

Mathieu Barbey as Copain du café rouge

Max Berto as Copain de la rue jaune

François-Marie de Casabianca as Homme louche

Jacques Cellerin as Automobiliste piétiné

Fabrice Costa as Technocrate taxeur

Daffo Daffo as Boulangère

Bernard Galdin as Médecin

Claude Harold as Pilier de bistro

Has previous starred with Marie Pillet (2 movies)

Jean-Claude Jay as Caissier affable

Has previous starred with Christian Remer (2 movies), Marie Pillet (2 movies), Marie Verdi (2 movies)

Jacky Le Bailly as Danseuse abandonnée

Jack Letot as Automobiliste

Francine Malaval as Danseuse

Has previous starred with Marie Verdi (2 movies)

Anny Mirande as Une copine

Yvan Moiziard as Copain au flip

Clara Delessert as Copine au hangard

Catherine Floc'h as Copine au flip

Jean-François Perpère as Jogger sauteur

Marie Pillet as Serveuse gentille

Has previous starred with Marie Verdi (3 movies)

Jacky Pratoussy as Ambulancier mécontent

Has previous starred with Marie Pillet (3 movies)

Dimitri Radochevitch as Sbire patron furieux

Has previous starred with Marie Verdi (2 movies)

Christian Remer as Le compère du précédent

Marie Verdi as Bouchère

Claude Viel as Patron resto sympa

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