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Little Chenier

Little Chenier (2006)

Rating: 6.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Little Chenier. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Johnathon Schaech as Beauxregard "Beaux" Dupuis

Fred Koehler as Pemon Dupuis

Tamara Braun as Marie-Louise LeBauve

Jeremy Davidson as Carl Lebauve

Clifton Collins Jr. as T-Boy Trahan

Has previous starred with Chris Mulkey (4 movies)

Chris Mulkey as Sheriff Kline Lebauve

Has previous starred with Barbara Williams (2 movies), Laurie O'Brien (3 movies)

Abagail Heath-Richard as Ms. Thibodeaux

Abigail Heath Richard as Ms. Thibodeaux

Alan Hunt as Mr. Guilmont

Amy Brassette as Nadine

Barbara Williams as Bernell

Beau Guidry as Teenage Boy #2

Carol Anne Gayle as Bessie Gautreaux

Catherine Obre as Annabelle

Claudia Troll as Miss Ebbie

Courtenay Taylor as Mercy

Fiona Dourif as Jo Jo

Greg Welsch as Mr. Peggy

Isabella Hofmann as Gwenivere Lebauve

Jace Johnson as Chute

Has previous starred with Jessica Schatz (2 movies)

Jack Friedberg as Altar Boy

James Grant as Bearded Man

James Vincent as The Bridge Controller

Jessica Schatz as Radio DJ

Has previous starred with Courtenay Taylor (2 movies)

June McGehee as Widow Touchet

Krystal Kershaw as Party goer

Laurie O'Brien as Faye

Peter Guillory as Sugarman

Steve Uzell as The Man

Steve Uzzell as Man

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