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London Fields

London Fields (2015)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in London Fields. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Rita McDonald Damper as Trollop

Abiola Efunshile as Brixton Market Crowd

Alexandra Evans as Tasty Girl

Amber Heard as Nicola Six

Ancuta Breaban as Marquis Darts Crowd

Has previous starred with Gemma Chan (2 movies), Claire Greasley (3 movies), TyLean Polley (3 movies)

Belle Williams as Juniper

Billy Bob Thornton as Samson Young

Has previous starred with Amber Heard (3 movies)

Cara Delevingne as Kath Talent

Carla Wynn as Beach Dreams

Claire Greasley as Pepsi Hoolihan

Has previous starred with TyLean Polley (2 movies)

Clem So as Chick Thug

Has previous starred with Ancuta Breaban (2 movies), Claire Greasley (2 movies), Cara Delevingne (2 movies)

Craig Garner as Marmaduke

Has previous starred with Lily Cole (2 movies)

Emily Kincaid as Enola Gay

Gemma Chan as Petronella

Henry Garrett as Dink Heckler

Has previous starred with Roland Watson (2 movies), Rita McDonald Damper (3 movies)

Hon Ping Tang as Paul Go

Has previous starred with Gemma Chan (2 movies)

Ian U'Chong as Burmese Man

Jaimie Alexander as Hope

Jennifer Missoni as Tasty Girl

Jim Sturgess as Keith Talent

Lily Cole as Trish Shirt

Lucas Yashere as Bar Brawler

Has previous starred with Ancuta Breaban (2 movies), Gemma Chan (2 movies)

Megan McCormick as Debbee Kensit

Michael Shaeffer as Tony De Taunton

Has previous starred with Cara Delevingne (2 movies), Rita McDonald Damper (2 movies)

Micky Woodman as Darts Crowd

Natasha Jenssen as Woman at Darts Club

Roland Watson as Brixton market crowd

Has previous starred with Rita McDonald Damper (2 movies), Lucas Yashere (2 movies)

Sara Beasley as Wife

Triana Terry as PA

TyLean Polley as Guy Fawkes Crowd

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