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Marked for Death

Marked for Death (1990)

Rating: 5.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Marked for Death. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Steven Seagal as John Hatcher

Has previous starred with Joanna Pacula (2 movies), Tom Wright (2 movies), Danny Trejo (3 movies)

Basil Wallace as Screwface

Keith David as Max

Has previous starred with Arlen Dean Snyder (2 movies), Tom Wright (2 movies), Michael Ralph (2 movies), Danny Trejo (2 movies), Tom Dugan (2 movies), Peter Jason (4 movies)

Tom Wright as Charles

Joanna Pacula as Leslie

Has previous starred with Elena Sahagun (2 movies)

Elizabeth Gracen as Melissa

Bette Ford as Kate Hatcher

Danielle Harris as Tracey

Al Israel as Tito Barco

Has previous starred with Tom Wright (2 movies)

Arlen Dean Snyder as Duvall

Victor Romero Evans as Nesta

Michael Ralph as Monkey

Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter as Nago

Has previous starred with Earl Boen (2 movies)

Tony DiBenedetto as Jimmy Fingers

Kevin Dunn as Lt. Sal Roselli

Has previous starred with Peter Jason (2 movies), Tom Wright (2 movies)

Peter Jason as Pete Stone

Has previous starred with Arlen Dean Snyder (2 movies), Danny Trejo (2 movies), Steven Seagal (2 movies), Bette Ford (2 movies)

Danny Trejo as Hector

Has previous starred with Tom Wright (2 movies), Danielle Harris (2 movies), Basil Wallace (2 movies)

Richard Delmonte as Chico

Has previous starred with Al Israel (2 movies)

Elena Sahagun as Carmen

Tom Dugan as Paco

Has previous starred with Elizabeth Gracen (2 movies), Kevin Dunn (4 movies)

Rita Verreos as Marta

Joe Renteria as Raoul

Gary Carlos Cervantes as Little Richard

Has previous starred with Nick Corello (2 movies), Danny Trejo (2 movies), Elena Sahagun (2 movies), Basil Wallace (2 movies), Keith David (2 movies), Joanna Pacula (2 movies), Richard Delmonte (2 movies), Al Israel (2 movies)

Wayne Montanio as Mexican Bouncer

Nick Corello as Nicky

Has previous starred with Kevin Dunn (2 movies), Steven Seagal (3 movies)

Grant Gelt as Tommy

Justin Murphy as Freddy

Earl Boen as Dr. Stein

Has previous starred with Peter Jason (2 movies), Matt Levin (2 movies), Danielle Harris (2 movies)

Stanley White as Sheriff O'Dwyer

Matt Levin as Boy #1

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