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Mon oncle

Mon oncle (1958)

Rating: 7.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Mon oncle. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jean-Pierre Zola as Charles Arpel

Has previous starred with Denise Péronne (2 movies), Betty Schneider (3 movies)

Adrienne Servantie as Madame Arpel

Lucien Frégis as Monsieur Pichard

Has previous starred with Nicole Regnault (2 movies), Jacques Tati (2 movies), Denise Péronne (2 movies), Jean-Pierre Zola (2 movies)

Betty Schneider as Betty, Landlord's Daughter

Jean-François Martial as Walter

Dominique Marie as Neighbor

Yvonne Arnaud as Georgette, the Housekeeper

Adelaide Danieli as Madame Pichard

Alain Bécourt as Gerard Arpel

Régis Fontenay as Braces Dealer

Claude Badolle as Flea Market Dealer

Max Martel as Drunken Man

Has previous starred with Jacques Tati (2 movies)

Nicolas Bataille as Working Man

André Dino as Sweep

Claire Rocca as Madame Arpel's Friend

Daki Daki as Daki, the Arpels' Dachshund

Denise Péronne as Mademoiselle Fevrier

Dominique Derly as Monsieur Arpel's Clerk

Édouard Francomme as House Painter

Has previous starred with René Lord (2 movies), Jacques Tati (2 movies), Adrienne Servantie (2 movies), Nicole Regnault (2 movies), Jean-François Martial (3 movies), Lucien Frégis (3 movies), Denise Péronne (3 movies), Jean-Pierre Zola (5 movies)

Elsa Mancini

Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot

Jean Meyet as Bit Part

Jean-Claude Rémoleux as Client in Monsieur Arpel's Factory

Has previous starred with Jean-Pierre Zola (2 movies), Denise Péronne (4 movies)

Michel Goyot as Car Dealer

Nicole Regnault

René Lord

Suzanne Franck

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