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My Chauffeur

My Chauffeur (1986)

Rating: 5.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in My Chauffeur. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Deborah Foreman as Casey Meadows

Sam J. Jones as Battle

Sean McClory as O'Brien

Howard Hesseman as McBride

Has previous starred with John O'Leary (2 movies), Diana Bellamy (2 movies)

E.G. Marshall as Witherspoon

Penn Jillette as Bone

Has previous starred with Teller Teller (8 movies)

Teller Teller as Abdul

John O'Leary as Giles

Julius Harris as Johnson

Laurie Main as Jenkins

Stanley Brock as Downs

Has previous starred with E.G. Marshall (2 movies), Laurie Main (2 movies), Howard Hesseman (2 movies), Vance Colvig Jr. (2 movies)

Jack Stryker as Moses

Vance Colvig Jr. as Doolittle

Has previous starred with Vickie Benson (2 movies), Diana Bellamy (3 movies), Leland Crooke (3 movies)

Ben Slack as Dupont

Elaine Wilkes as Colleen

Diana Bellamy as Blue Lady

Has previous starred with Elaine Wilkes (2 movies)

Leland Crooke as Catfight

Has previous starred with Sam J. Jones (2 movies), Vickie Benson (2 movies), Darian Mathias (2 movies), Diana Bellamy (2 movies)

Robin Antin as Bimbo

Cindy Beal as Beebop

Sue Jackson as Boom Boom

Darian Mathias as Dolly

Mark Holton as Doughboy

Has previous starred with Diana Bellamy (2 movies)

Carlton Miller as Amy

Stan Foster as LaRue

Regina Hooks as Charmaine

John Benjamin Martin as Manager

Leslee Bremmer as Party Girl

Has previous starred with Sheila Lussier (2 movies)

Jeannine Bisignano as Party Girl

Sheila Lussier as Party Girl

Vickie Benson as Party Girl

Has previous starred with Darian Mathias (2 movies)

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