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My Six Loves

My Six Loves (1963)

Rating: 6.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in My Six Loves. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Debbie Reynolds as Janice Courtney

Cliff Robertson as Reverend Jim Larkin

Has previous starred with Alice Ghostley (2 movies), Claude Stroud (2 movies), Max Showalter (2 movies)

David Janssen as Marty Bliss

Has previous starred with Claude Stroud (2 movies), Max Showalter (2 movies), Yvonne Peattie (2 movies)

Eileen Heckart as Ethel

Hans Conried as Kinsley Kross

Has previous starred with Sterling Holloway (2 movies), Eileen Heckart (2 movies), Alice Pearce (2 movies), Tommy Farrell (2 movies), Debbie Reynolds (2 movies), Max Showalter (3 movies)

Mary McCarty as Doreen Smith

John McGiver as Judge Harris

Has previous starred with Claude Stroud (2 movies), Alice Pearce (2 movies), Debbie Reynolds (2 movies), Mimi Dillard (2 movies)

Max Showalter as B.J. Smith

Has previous starred with Eileen Heckart (2 movies), Yvonne Peattie (3 movies)

Alice Ghostley as Selena Johnson

Alice Pearce as Bus Driver

Pippa Scott as Dianne Soper

Claude Stroud as Dr. Miller

Darlene Tompkins as Darlene Smith

Leon Belasco as Mario

Has previous starred with Sterling Holloway (2 movies), Hans Conried (3 movies)

Billy E. Hughes as Leo

Jim Backus as Sheriff

Has previous starred with Mimi Dillard (2 movies), Sterling Holloway (2 movies), John McGiver (2 movies), William Hudson (2 movies), Alice Pearce (2 movies), Cliff Robertson (3 movies), Debbie Reynolds (3 movies), Leon Belasco (3 movies), David Janssen (4 movies), Hans Conried (4 movies)

Cass Jaeger as Photographer

Colleen Peters as Amy

Debbie Price as Dulcie

Freda Jones as Woman at Auction

Has previous starred with Yvonne Peattie (2 movies)

Georgine Cleveland as Woman

Mimi Dillard as Receptionist

Molly Dodd as Woman

Has previous starred with Debbie Reynolds (2 movies)

Robert Cole as Photographer

Sally Smith as Brenda

Sterling Holloway as Oliver Dodds

Tommy Farrell as Studio Representative

Has previous starred with John McGiver (2 movies), Alice Pearce (2 movies), Debbie Reynolds (2 movies), William Hudson (3 movies), Darlene Tompkins (3 movies), Claude Stroud (4 movies)

William Hudson as Reporter

Has previous starred with Cliff Robertson (2 movies), Max Showalter (2 movies), Freda Jones (2 movies)

William Wood as Judge's Clerk

Yvonne Peattie as Lady Columnist

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