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Off the Wall

Off the Wall (1983)

Rating: 4.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Off the Wall. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Paul Sorvino as Warden Nicholas F. Castle

Patrick Cassidy as Randy Whitby

Rosanna Arquette as Pam Smith

Bill Hufsey as Rico Santiago

Ralph Wilcox as Johnny Hammer

Has previous starred with Rosanna Arquette (2 movies)

Monte Markham as Gov. Paul Smith

Dick Chudnow as Wally Miskowitz

Has previous starred with Woody Eney (2 movies), Biff Manard (2 movies), Richard Marion (2 movies)

Mickey Gilley as Buck Banner

John E. Bristol as Rene La Flerg

Stu Gilliam as Lester Poindexter

Has previous starred with Eugene Jackson (2 movies)

Brianne Leary as Jenny

Jerry Anderson as Court Reporter

Has previous starred with Biff Manard (2 movies)

Patrick Collins as Hunchback

Woody Eney as Bailiff

Has previous starred with Biff Manard (2 movies), Richard Marion (3 movies)

Robert Hirschfeld as Guard No. 1

Has previous starred with Eugene Jackson (2 movies), Richard Marion (2 movies), Ralph Wilcox (2 movies), Rosanna Arquette (2 movies)

Russell Johnson as Mr. Whitby

Biff Manard as Colonel Fry

Has previous starred with Richard Marion (2 movies)

Richard Marion as Flavius Cornblum

Mickey Morton as Prisoner, Mess Hall Cook

Jenny Neumann as Linda

Sparky Watt as Judge

Professor Toru Tanaka as Banzai Wrestler #1

Eugene Jackson as Old Black Man

Howard Storm as Ludwig the Tailor

Jeana Keough as Mrs. Buck Banner

Marcy Goldman as Irate Citizen No. 1

Michael Ingber as Prisoner No. 5

Roselyn Royce as Buxom Blonde

Shinko Isobe as Mt. Joy Cheerleader

Steve Gribin as Governor's Aide

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