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Pandemonium (1982)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Pandemonium. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Tammy Alverson as 60'S Cheerleader

Pamela Harlow as 60'S Cheerleader

Lynn Herring as 60'S Cheerleader

Jan Speck as 60'S Cheerleader

Sallee Young as 60'60 Cheerleader

Candice Azzara as Bambi

Has previous starred with Carol Kane (2 movies)

Suzanne Kent as Crying Woman

Phil Hartman as Reporter

Has previous starred with Marc McClure (2 movies), Ebbe Roe Smith (2 movies), Suzanne Kent (2 movies), John Paragon (3 movies), Paul Reubens (3 movies), Carol Kane (3 movies)

Michael Kless as Photographer

David L. Lander as Pepe

Has previous starred with David McCharen (2 movies), Victoria Carroll (2 movies), Marc McClure (2 movies)

Carol Kane as Candy

Eileen Brennan as Candy's Mom

Has previous starred with Victoria Carroll (2 movies), Carol Kane (2 movies)

Judge Reinhold as Glenn

Has previous starred with Carol Kane (2 movies)

Bradley Lieberman as Chip Jr.

Victoria Carroll as Mandy's Mom

Teri Landrum as Mandy

Has previous starred with Jan Speck (2 movies)

Debralee Scott as Sandy

Alix Elias as Joe the Fry Cook

Ebbe Roe Smith as Pete

Randy Bennett as Male Driver

Has previous starred with Phil Hartman (2 movies)

Miles Chapin as Andy

Has previous starred with Carol Kane (2 movies), Eileen Brennan (2 movies)

Marc McClure as Randy

Pat Ast as Bus Driver

Has previous starred with Candice Azzara (2 movies), Carol Kane (3 movies)

David Becker as President

Tom Smothers as Cooper

Paul Reubens as Johnson

Has previous starred with Suzanne Kent (2 movies)

John Paragon as Prisoner

Has previous starred with Paul Reubens (3 movies), Suzanne Kent (4 movies)

Don McLeod as Male Nurse

David McCharen as Chicken Patient

Has previous starred with Suzanne Kent (2 movies), Eileen Brennan (2 movies), Paul Reubens (3 movies)

Richard C. Adams as Shock Treatment Patient

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