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Paul and Michelle

Paul and Michelle (1974)

Rating: 5.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Paul and Michelle. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Anicée Alvina as Michelle Latour

Has previous starred with Toby Robins (2 movies)

Sean Bury as Paul Harrison

Has previous starred with Ronald Lewis (2 movies), Anicée Alvina (2 movies), Toby Robins (2 movies)

Keir Dullea as Garry

Ronald Lewis as Sir Robert

Has previous starred with Anicée Alvina (2 movies), Toby Robins (2 movies)

Catherine Allégret as Joanna

Georges Beller as Daniel

Has previous starred with Jenny Arasse (2 movies), Elisabeth Kaza (2 movies), Anne Lonnberg (3 movies)

Anne Lonnberg as Susannah

Sara Stout as Sylvie

Steve Gilbert as Nic

Anthony Clarke as Hush

Peggy Frankston as Lilli

Peter Graves as Sir Henry

Toby Robins as Jane

André Maranne as Bellancourt

Albert Simono as Dr. Duval

Has previous starred with Elisabeth Kaza (2 movies)

Carine Vogel as Doctor's Receptionist

Elisabeth Kaza as Mother Superior

Guy Marly as Waiter

Has previous starred with Sylvie Joly (2 movies), Albert Simono (2 movies)

Jack Berard as Butler

Has previous starred with Robert Favart (2 movies), Jacqueline Fogt (2 movies), Anne Lonnberg (2 movies), Catherine Allégret (2 movies)

Jacqueline Fogt as Mme. Bellancourt

Has previous starred with Anne Lonnberg (2 movies)

Jenny Arasse as Sister Mercier

Has previous starred with Sylvie Joly (2 movies), Anne Lonnberg (2 movies)

Lucie Arnold as Girl at Patisserie

Lucy Bush as Drunk

Michel Garland as Doctor in Arles

Has previous starred with André Maranne (2 movies), Albert Simono (2 movies)

Robert Favart as Professor

Has previous starred with Jenny Arasse (2 movies), Catherine Allégret (2 movies), Michel Garland (2 movies), Anicée Alvina (2 movies), Albert Simono (2 movies), Lucie Arnold (3 movies), Guy Marly (5 movies)

Sylvie Joly as Receptionist

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