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Placebo (2008)

Rating: 8.2 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Placebo. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Chris Heuisler as Shane

Bourke Floyd as Will

Ted Cahn as Tanner

Has previous starred with John D'Alonzo (2 movies), Greg Korin (2 movies), Ellen O'Brien (2 movies)

John-Paul Lavoisier as Jason

Jennifer Layne Park as Janice

Tony Devon as Austin

Has previous starred with Jennifer Layne Park (3 movies)

Scott L. Schwartz as Ed

Damian Muziani as Vic

Has previous starred with Alyssa Kondracki (2 movies)

Phil McCrossan as Dr. Tanner

John D'Alonzo as Bruce

Has previous starred with Susan Triggiani (2 movies), Robert Reed Murphy (2 movies), Greg Korin (2 movies), Ellen O'Brien (2 movies), Damian Muziani (2 movies), Alyssa Kondracki (2 movies), Tony Devon (4 movies)

Joseph DeBona as Leroy

Has previous starred with Tony Devon (2 movies), Jennifer Layne Park (2 movies)

Anthony Mecca as Kevin

Has previous starred with Scott L. Schwartz (2 movies)

Loren Schofield as Gerald

Alyssa Kondracki as Lisa

Ellen O'Brien as Ellease

Benjamin E. Fried as Ottie

Alison Crouse as Rachel

Ally Iseman as Steph

Angie Schlauch as Party Guest #2

Dan Magro as Party Guest #1

Has previous starred with Margaret Marshall (4 movies), Angie Schlauch (4 movies)

Glen Jensen as Barfly

Greg Korin as Sonny

Has previous starred with Ellen O'Brien (3 movies)

Heather Lutz as Stripper

John Kopich as 69th Irish Volunteer #2

Lisa Benedict as Becky

Has previous starred with Ally Iseman (2 movies)

Margaret Marshall as Party Guest #3

Has previous starred with Angie Schlauch (5 movies)

Robert Levine as 69th Irish Volunteer #1

Robert Reed Murphy as Reverend

Susan Triggiani as Dr. Phelps

Theresa Fries as Cynthia

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