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Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps (2012)

Rating: 5.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Playing for Keeps. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Gerard Butler as George

Has previous starred with Ritchie Montgomery (2 movies), Dennis Quaid (2 movies), Uma Thurman (2 movies), Shanna Forrestall (2 movies), Sean O'Bryan (3 movies)

Jessica Biel as Stacie

Has previous starred with Judy Greer (2 movies)

Noah Lomax as Lewis

Dennis Quaid as Carl

Has previous starred with Judy Greer (2 movies), Uma Thurman (2 movies), Catherine Zeta-Jones (2 movies)

Uma Thurman as Patti

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Denise

James Tupper as Matt

Judy Greer as Barb

Abella Wyss as Ally

Grant Goodman as Billy

Has previous starred with Gerry May (3 movies)

Grant Collins as Griffin

Aidan Potter as Hunter

Marlena Lerner as Samantha

Iqbal Theba as Param

Sean O'Bryan as Assistant Coach Jacob

Has previous starred with Shanna Forrestall (2 movies), Dennis Quaid (2 movies), Jessica Biel (3 movies)

Mike Martindale as Coach Len

Has previous starred with Gerry May (2 movies), Ritchie Montgomery (3 movies)

Jason George as Chip Johnston

Emily Somers as Dawn

Gerry May as Sports Anchor

Katia Gomez as Lupe

Gisella Marengo as Mom #1

Cindy Creekmore as Mom #2

Nicky Buggs as Mom #3

Ritchie Montgomery as The Owner

Has previous starred with Catherine Zeta-Jones (2 movies), Shanna Forrestall (3 movies)

Jon Mack as Connie

Jesse De Luna as Desk Sergeant

Has previous starred with Ritchie Montgomery (2 movies)

Soumaya Akaaboune as Aracelli

Parker Dane Conti as Joel

Joe Chrest as Referee

Has previous starred with Cindy Creekmore (2 movies), Nicky Buggs (2 movies), Gerry May (3 movies), Judy Greer (3 movies), Grant Goodman (3 movies), Ritchie Montgomery (9 movies)

Shanna Forrestall as Clerk

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