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Rx (2005)

Rating: 5.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Rx. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Eric Balfour as Andrew

Has previous starred with Robert Douglas Washington (2 movies), Lauren German (2 movies)

Colin Hanks as Jonny

Has previous starred with Lauren German (2 movies)

Lauren German as Melissa

Danny Pino as Carlos

Lulu Molina as Carlos' Mother

Alan Tudyk as Pepe

Ori Pfeffer as Raul

Adrian DeLira as Roadblock Federal

Jacob Duran as Indigent Man

Kei Kei Cadena as Young Mexican Woman

Arturo Portillo as Mexican Soldier at Cantina

Hector Radela as Mexican Soldier at Cantina

Alexandra Magallanes as Little Girl at Border

Michael Baldonado as Mexican Border Officer

Rudy Perez as Mexican Border Officer

Rio Alexander as Border Peddler

Has previous starred with Alan Tudyk (2 movies), Anthony Escobar (2 movies), Eric Balfour (2 movies), Robert Douglas Washington (2 movies), Kei Kei Cadena (2 movies), Richard Barela (3 movies)

Anthony Escobar as Drunk Man at Border

Has previous starred with Danny Pino (2 movies)

Rafaela Graffos as Mexican Woman at Border

Guy Camilleri as US Customs Official

Has previous starred with Ori Pfeffer (2 movies)

Chance Romero as Raver

Has previous starred with Kristi Kountz (2 movies)

Dyron C. Thompson as Raver - Angel of Death

Kristi Kountz as Raver

Lady Victoria Hervey as Daisy

Patricia DeLozier as Raver

Richard Barela as Hospital Visitor

Has previous starred with Patricia DeLozier (2 movies), Kristi Kountz (2 movies), Anthony Escobar (2 movies), Kei Kei Cadena (2 movies), Stephen Eiland (6 movies), Chance Romero (6 movies)

Robert Douglas Washington as Todd McIntire

Stephen Eiland as Carmen Miranda

Has previous starred with Patricia DeLozier (2 movies), Kristi Kountz (2 movies), Chance Romero (3 movies)

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