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Salaud, on t'aime.

Salaud, on t'aime. (2014)

Rating: 5.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Salaud, on t'aime.. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Johnny Hallyday as Jacques Kaminsky

Has previous starred with Valérie Kaprisky (2 movies), Eddy Mitchell (3 movies)

Sandrine Bonnaire as Nathalie Béranger

Eddy Mitchell as Frédéric Selman

Has previous starred with Irène Jacob (2 movies), Agnès Soral (2 movies), Rufus Rufus (2 movies)

Irène Jacob as Printemps Kaminsky

Pauline Lefèvre as Été Kaminsky

Sarah Kazemy as Automne Kaminsky

Jenna Thiam as Hiver Kaminsky

Agnès Soral as Bianca Kaminsky

Isabelle de Hertogh as Isabelle

Valérie Kaprisky as Francia

Rufus Rufus as Le Ruf

Has previous starred with Julie Nicolet (2 movies), Agnès Soral (3 movies), Valérie Kaprisky (3 movies)

Silvia Kahn as Marie Selman

Antoine Duléry as Le nouveau propriétaire

Has previous starred with Johnny Hallyday (2 movies), Jean-François Dérec (2 movies), Sandrine Bonnaire (2 movies), Rufus Rufus (3 movies), Agnès Soral (4 movies)

Jean-François Dérec as Le commissaire

Has previous starred with Eddy Mitchell (2 movies), Rufus Rufus (2 movies), Agnès Soral (2 movies)

Jacky Ido as Jacky

Has previous starred with Gilles Lemaire (2 movies), Rufus Rufus (3 movies)

Gilles Lemaire as Le photographe de mode

Has previous starred with Dominique Pellissier (2 movies), Rufus Rufus (3 movies)

Jérôme Cachon as Joseph Picard

Has previous starred with Gilles Lemaire (2 movies), Dominique Pellissier (2 movies)

Laurent Couson as Le pianiste

Has previous starred with Jacky Ido (2 movies), Gilles Lemaire (2 movies), Rufus Rufus (2 movies), Noa Musa-Lelouch (2 movies)

Astrid Whettnall as Astrid, l'amie de Nathalie

Marie Micla as La mère d'Eté

Stella Lelouch as Jeanne

Victor Meutelet as Antoine

Rebecca Rebecca as Becca

Tess Lauvergne as Lola Selman

Noa Musa-Lelouch as Noa

Julie Nicolet as La femme du novueau propriétaire

Has previous starred with Agnès Soral (2 movies)

Dominique Pellissier as Le deuxième chasseur

André Bibollet as Le troisième chasseur

Marie de Vathaire as La femme du commissaire

Luc Poullain as Pilote hélicoptère

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