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Samouraïs (2002)

Rating: 3.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Samouraïs. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Cyril Mourali as Marco

Maï Anh Le as Akemi

Yasuaki Kurata as Commissaire Fujiwara Morio

Saïd Serrari as Nadir

Has previous starred with Nasser Zerkoun (2 movies), Maï Anh Le (2 movies)

Santi Sudaros as Kodeni

Has previous starred with Patrick Vo (4 movies)

Dara-Indo Oum as Nakatomi

Kevin Peracini as Leo

Hidetoshi Nakahashi as Le Samourai

Yusuke Hirayama as Inspecteur Endo

Pascal Gentil as Nabil

Has previous starred with François Nguyen (2 movies)

Omar Sy as Tyson

Has previous starred with Virginie Arnaud (2 movies)

Onochi Seietsu as Police Scientifique

Has previous starred with Tsuyu Shimizu (2 movies)

Tsuyu Shimizu as Fille du Samourai

Ravindra Ngo as Kenji-X

Masahiro Endo as Jeune Policier

Ségolène Piaton as Sandrine

Anthony Munoz as Manu

Constantine Attia as Vendeur Jeux Video

Has previous starred with Omar Sy (2 movies), Saïd Serrari (2 movies)

Nasser Zerkoun as Interne Hopital

Yousef Baghdary as 'Big' Moktar

François Nguyen as Homme de Nakatomi

Has previous starred with Onochi Seietsu (2 movies), Tsuyu Shimizu (2 movies)

Patrick Vo as Homme de Nakatomi

Daniel Aing as Homme de Nakatomi

Has previous starred with Pascal Gentil (2 movies), François Nguyen (3 movies)

Louis-Marc Marty as Entraineur Boxe Thai

Virginie Arnaud as Boxeur Thai

Serge Crozon-Cazin as Boxeur Thai

David Forax as Boxeur Thai

Catherine Guerrib as Boxeur Thai

Thierry Guerrib as Boxeur Thai

Emmanuel Lanzi as Boxeur Thai

Has previous starred with Santi Sudaros (4 movies), Patrick Vo (5 movies)

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