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Sidekicks (1992)

Rating: 4.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Sidekicks. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Beau Bridges as Jerry Gabrewski

Jonathan Brandis as Barry Gabrewski

Has previous starred with Danica McKellar (2 movies)

Mako Mako as Mr. Lee

Has previous starred with Chuck Norris (2 movies), Don Pike (2 movies), Rick Prieto (2 movies)

Julia Nickson as Noreen Chan

Joe Piscopo as Kelly Stone

Danica McKellar as Lauren

John Buchanan as Randy Cellini

Richard Moll as Horn

Gerrit Graham as Mapes

Chuck Norris as Chuck Norris

Has previous starred with Gary Pike (3 movies), Rick Prieto (5 movies), Don Pike (7 movies)

Dennis Burkley as Hank

Has previous starred with Dennis Letts (2 movies)

Dennis Letts as Man with Dog

Christy Martin as Female Student

David Born as Businessman

Has previous starred with Mako Mako (2 movies)

Lawrence Joe as Old Chinese Man

Keefe Millard as Dr. Millard

Donna Reese as Lauren's Mother

James McIngvale as Lauren's Brother

Dave Cox as Registrar

Tom Abbott as Guard #1

Jim Pruett as Announcers

Mark Stevens as Announcers

Henry Holmes as Referee

Has previous starred with Chuck Norris (2 movies)

Gary Pike as Cowboy #1

Don Pike as Cowboy #2

Has previous starred with Rick Prieto (3 movies), Gary Pike (4 movies)

Wally Rose as Bartender

Dean Raphael Ferrandini as Biker #1

Has previous starred with Chuck Norris (3 movies)

Rick Prieto as Biker #2

David Saunders as Biker #3

Joe Todd Walker as Biker #4

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