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Simon Birch

Simon Birch (1998)

Rating: 6.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Simon Birch. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Joseph Mazzello as Joe Wenteworth

Has previous starred with David Strathairn (4 movies)

Ashley Judd as Rebecca Wenteworth

Oliver Platt as Ben Goodrich

Has previous starred with Ashley Judd (2 movies), Dana Ivey (3 movies)

David Strathairn as Rev. Russell

Has previous starred with Jan Hooks (2 movies), Ashley Judd (2 movies), Beatrice Winde (2 movies)

Dana Ivey as Grandmother Wenteworth

Ian Michael Smith as Simon Birch

Beatrice Winde as Hilde Grove

Jan Hooks as Miss Leavey

Cecilley Carroll as Marjorie

Sumela Kay as Ann

Sam Morton as Stuart

Jim Carrey as Adult Joe Wenteworth

John Mazzello as Simon Wenteworth

Has previous starred with Joseph Mazzello (2 movies)

Holly Dennison as Mrs. Birch

Peter MacNeill as Mr. Birch

Has previous starred with Roger McKeen (2 movies), Sumela Kay (2 movies), Guy Sanvido (2 movies)

Addison Bell as Dr. Wells

Has previous starred with Gil Filar (2 movies), Sean McCann (2 movies)

Roger McKeen as Coach Higgins

Sean McCann as Chief Al Cork

Has previous starred with Dana Ivey (2 movies)

John Robinson as Mr. Baker

Guy Sanvido as Janitor

Gil Filar as Eddie

Has previous starred with Sean McCann (2 movies)

Marcello Meleca as Howard Ellis

Tim Hall as Pitcher

Tom Redman as First Baseman

Mark Skrela as Third Baseman

Kevin White as Shortstop

Terry V. Hart as Umpire

Alan Markfield as Umpire

Christopher Marren as Rival Baseball Coach

Tommy Dorrian as Teammate #1

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