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Something Short of Paradise

Something Short of Paradise (1979)

Rating: 4.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Something Short of Paradise. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Susan Sarandon as Madeline Ross

David Steinberg as Harris Sloane

Jean-Pierre Aumont as Jean-Fidel Mileau

Marilyn Sokol as Ruthie Miller

Joe Grifasi as Barney Collins

Has previous starred with David Rasche (2 movies), Loretta Tupper (2 movies)

Robert Hitt as Edgar Kent

Has previous starred with David Rasche (2 movies)

David Rasche as David Ritchie

Has previous starred with Loretta Tupper (2 movies), Susan Sarandon (2 movies), Raynor Scheine (2 movies)

Bob Kaliban as George Pendleton

Ted Pugh as Frank Barnett

Ann Robey as Gail Barnett

William Francis as Hotel Manager

Adrienne Jalbert as Fru-Fru

Terrence O'Hara as Donny Conrad

Fred Nassif as Desk Clerk

Sonya Jennings as Beth

Ellen March as Lisa

Loretta Tupper as Alice Quine

Martha Sherrill as Mrs. Peel

Has previous starred with Loretta Tupper (2 movies)

Joan Pape as First Reporter

Elizabeth Abassi as Elderly Lady at Airport

F.J. O'Neil as Second Reporter

Robert Miller as Third Reporter

Robert L. Horen as Fourth Reporter

Lawrence Lust as Photographer

Bernie Passeltiner as Elevator Operator

Eugene Blau as Cabbie

Paul Eichel as Max

James York as Swinger

Michael Templon as Jogger

Raynor Scheine as Professor

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