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Stage Door Canteen

Stage Door Canteen (1943)

Rating: 6.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Stage Door Canteen. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Judith Anderson as Judith Anderson

Has previous starred with Martha Scott (2 movies)

Kenny Baker as Kenny Baker

Has previous starred with Lanny Ross (2 movies), Hugh Herbert (2 movies), Ray Bolger (2 movies), Edgar Bergen (2 movies), Charlie McCarthy (2 movies), Harpo Marx (3 movies)

Tallulah Bankhead as Tallulah Bankhead

Has previous starred with Helen Hayes (2 movies), Elsa Maxwell (2 movies)

Ralph Bellamy as Ralph Bellamy

Has previous starred with Merle Oberon (2 movies), Hugh Herbert (2 movies), Paul Muni (2 movies), Elsa Maxwell (2 movies), Katharine Hepburn (2 movies)

Edgar Bergen as Edgar Berger

Has previous starred with Ed Wynn (2 movies), Ethel Merman (2 movies), George Jessel (3 movies), Johnny Weissmuller (3 movies), Charlie McCarthy (29 movies)

Charlie McCarthy as Charlie McCarthy

Ray Bolger as Ray Bolger

Has previous starred with Merle Oberon (2 movies), Johnny Weissmuller (2 movies), Tallulah Bankhead (2 movies), Ed Wynn (3 movies)

Ina Claire as Ina Claire

Katharine Cornell as Katherine Cornell

Gracie Fields as Gracie Fields

Lynn Fontanne as Lynn Fontaine

Helen Hayes as Helen Hayes

Has previous starred with Elsa Maxwell (2 movies)

Katharine Hepburn as Katharine Hepburn

Hugh Herbert as Hugh Herbert

Has previous starred with Paul Muni (2 movies), Tallulah Bankhead (2 movies), Johnny Weissmuller (2 movies), George Raft (2 movies)

Jean Hersholt as Jean Hersholt

Has previous starred with Katharine Hepburn (2 movies), Helen Hayes (2 movies), Ethel Merman (3 movies)

George Jessel as George Jessel

Has previous starred with Ethel Merman (2 movies), Johnny Weissmuller (3 movies)

Gypsy Rose Lee as Gypsy Rose Lee

Alfred Lunt as Alfred Lunt

Has previous starred with Lynn Fontanne (3 movies)

Harpo Marx as Harpo Marx

Elsa Maxwell as Elsa Maxwell

Yehudi Menuhin as Yehudi Menuhin

Ethel Merman as Ethel Merman

Paul Muni as Paul Muni

Has previous starred with George Raft (2 movies), Merle Oberon (2 movies)

Merle Oberon as Merle Oberon

George Raft as George Raft

Has previous starred with Ed Wynn (2 movies)

Lanny Ross as Lanny Ross

Martha Scott as Martha Scott

Ethel Waters as Ethel Waters

Johnny Weissmuller as Johnny Weissmuller

Has previous starred with Ethel Merman (2 movies)

Ed Wynn as Ed Wynn

Has previous starred with Ethel Merman (2 movies), Judith Anderson (2 movies), Tallulah Bankhead (2 movies)

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