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Stewardess School

Stewardess School (1986)

Rating: 3.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Stewardess School. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Brett Cullen as Philo Henderson

Mary Cadorette as Kelly Johnson

Don Most as George Bunkle

Sandahl Bergman as Wanda Polanski

Has previous starred with Vicki Frederick (2 movies)

Wendie Jo Sperber as Jolean Winters

Judy Landers as Sugar Dubois

Dennis Burkley as 'Snake' Pellino

Has previous starred with Toni Sawyer (2 movies), Julia Montgomery (2 movies)

Julia Montgomery as Pimmie Polk

Corinne Bohrer as Cindy Adams

Rob Paulsen as Larry Falkwell

Has previous starred with Casey Sander (2 movies), Leslie Scarborough (2 movies), Barbara Whinnery (2 movies)

William Bogert as Roger Weidermeyer

Has previous starred with Toni Sawyer (2 movies), Joe Dorsey (2 movies)

Sherman Hemsley as Mr. Buttersworth

Has previous starred with Judy Landers (2 movies)

Vicki Frederick as Miss Grummet

Alan Rosenberg as Mad Bomber

Rod McCary as Captain Biff

Has previous starred with Gloria LeRoy (2 movies), Vito Scotti (2 movies), Mark Neely (2 movies), Ruth Manning (2 movies)

Vito Scotti as Carl Stromboli

Has previous starred with Pilar Del Rey (3 movies)

Lillian Müller as Beautiful Blonde

Earl Boen as Mr. Adams

Has previous starred with Sandahl Bergman (2 movies), Toni Sawyer (2 movies), Vicki Frederick (2 movies), Paul Eiding (2 movies), Rob Paulsen (2 movies), Alan Rosenberg (2 movies), William Bogert (2 movies)

Toni Sawyer as Mrs. Adams

Joe Dorsey as Captain

Casey Sander as Dudley

Has previous starred with Wendie Jo Sperber (2 movies)

John Allen as Bubba Brock

Brooke Bundy as Mrs. Polk

Gloria LeRoy as Grandma Polk

Leslie Scarborough as Allison

Has previous starred with Barbara Whinnery (2 movies)

Pilar Del Rey as Sarah Stromboli

Mark Neely as FAA Inspector

Barbara Whinnery as Gushy Woman

Paul Eiding as Cab Driver

Has previous starred with Lillian Müller (2 movies), Rob Paulsen (2 movies)

Ruth Manning as Nurse

Has previous starred with Lillian Müller (2 movies)

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