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Street of No Return

Street of No Return (1989)

Rating: 5.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Street of No Return. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Keith Carradine as Michael

Valentina Vargas as Celia

Bill Duke as Lieutenant Borel

Andréa Ferréol as Rhoda

Bernard Fresson as Morin

Has previous starred with Samuel Fuller (2 movies), Andréa Ferréol (5 movies)

Marc de Jonge as Eddie

Has previous starred with Bernard Fresson (2 movies), Trevor A. Stephens (2 movies), Rebecca Potok (5 movies)

Rebecca Potok as Bertha

Jacques Martial as Gerard

Has previous starred with Rebecca Potok (2 movies)

Sérgio Godinho as Pernoy

Has previous starred with Daniel Martinho (2 movies)

António Rosário as Meathead

Dominique Hulin as Dablin

Gordon Heath as Black Bum

Joe Abdo as White Bum

Has previous starred with Sérgio Godinho (2 movies), Filipe Ferrer (3 movies)

Trevor A. Stephens as Lambert

Has previous starred with Andréa Ferréol (2 movies)

Filipe Ferrer as Gauvreau

Has previous starred with António Rosário (2 movies), Sérgio Godinho (3 movies), Guilherme Filipe (4 movies), Luís Pavão (4 movies)

Jeremy Boultbee as Doctor

Guilherme Filipe as Patrol Officer

Has previous starred with Sérgio Godinho (2 movies), Andréa Ferréol (2 movies), Luís Pavão (2 movies)

Pedro Rosa Nunes as Patrol Officer

Christa Lang as Nurse

Samantha Fuller as Young Fan

Has previous starred with Christa Lang (4 movies)

Joaquim Miranda as Police Officer

Norton de Matos as Police Officer

Samuel Fuller as Police Commissioner

Has previous starred with Samantha Fuller (3 movies), Christa Lang (5 movies)

Daniel Martinho

Luís Pavão

Has previous starred with António Rosário (2 movies)

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