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Sushi Sushi

Sushi Sushi (1991)

Rating: 5.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Sushi Sushi. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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André Dussollier as Maurice Hartmann

Has previous starred with Marie-Armelle Deguy (2 movies), Béatrice Costantini (2 movies), Jacky Nercessian (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Jean-François Perrier (2 movies), Eva Darlan (3 movies), Catherine Frot (5 movies)

Jean-François Stévenin as Richard Souriceau

Has previous starred with Danièle Gain (2 movies), Catherine Frot (2 movies), Eva Darlan (3 movies)

Sandrine Dumas as Claire

Michel Aumont as Bertrand Casier

Has previous starred with Eva Darlan (2 movies), Sandrine Dumas (2 movies), Patrick Laplace (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Danièle Gain (2 movies), Marianne Epin (2 movies), Stéphane Boucher (2 movies), André Dussollier (3 movies), Marie-Armelle Deguy (3 movies), Jean-François Perrier (3 movies), Catherine Frot (4 movies)

Kentaro Matsuo as Kiyoshi

Eva Darlan as Hélène

Frédéric Deban as Manu

Has previous starred with Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Eva Darlan (2 movies)

Marie-Armelle Deguy as Magali

Marianne Epin as Suzanne

Jean-François Perrier as Pradère

Has previous starred with Aladin Reibel (2 movies), Danièle Gain (2 movies)

Aladin Reibel as Parmentier

Has previous starred with Jean-François Stévenin (3 movies)

Pierre-Alain Chapuis as Vincent

Has previous starred with Jacky Nercessian (2 movies), Daniel Marchaudon (2 movies), Marie-Armelle Deguy (2 movies), Sandrine Dumas (2 movies)

Catherine Frot as La banquière

Pascal Aubier as Schlumpelmeyer

Has previous starred with Danièle Gain (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Eva Darlan (2 movies), Marianne Epin (3 movies), Maïté Nahyr (3 movies)

Danièle Gain as Une passante

Jacky Nercessian as L'auditeur

Jean Abeillé as Le client poisson cru

Has previous starred with Béatrice Costantini (2 movies), Eva Darlan (2 movies), Jacky Nercessian (2 movies), Aladin Reibel (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (4 movies)

Maïté Nahyr as La femme dépressive

Béatrice Costantini as La gérante

Berty Berty

Daniel Marchaudon

Emmanuel Da Silva

Fanny Faye

Florence Worms

Léonard Maillet

Olivier Broche

Has previous starred with Pierre-Alain Chapuis (2 movies), Jacky Nercessian (2 movies), Maïté Nahyr (3 movies)

Patrice Laplace

Patrick Laplace

Pierre Barrat

Stéphane Boucher

Has previous starred with Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Catherine Frot (2 movies), André Dussollier (2 movies)

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