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Table 19

Table 19 (2016)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Table 19. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Amanda Crew

Andrew Holstein as Hotel Staffer

Has previous starred with Anna Kendrick (2 movies), Lainey Kloes (3 movies), NM Garcia (4 movies)

Andy Stahl as Henry Grotsky

Anna Kendrick

Audrey Hyde as Wedding Guest

Carlos Aviles as Tatted Roommate

Has previous starred with Shaker Sangam (2 movies), Fred Galle (3 movies)

Charles Green as Crew Chief

Chelle Ramos as Rodriguez Bride

Chris Whitley as Douglas Grotsky

Elizabeth Ludlow as Server

Fred Galle as Wealthy Family Friend

Has previous starred with Andrew Holstein (2 movies), NM Garcia (2 movies), Shaker Sangam (4 movies)

Gabriella Cila as Renzo's Girl

Jay Klaitz as Photographer

June Squibb

Kelsey Cortez as Server

Lainey Kloes as Wedding Guest

Lisa Kudrow

Lucy Huynh as Roger Millner's Trophy Wife

Matt Cornwell as Drunk Military Buddy

Has previous starred with Anna Kendrick (2 movies), Fred Galle (3 movies)

Matthew A. Hand as Wedding Guest

Megan Lawless as Megan Ann

Nick Arapoglou as Receptionist

Has previous starred with NM Garcia (2 movies), Lainey Kloes (2 movies), Anna Kendrick (2 movies), Andrew Holstein (3 movies)

NM Garcia as Table 19 Setter

Has previous starred with Lainey Kloes (4 movies)

Richard Haylor as Roger Millner

Rya Meyers as Francie Millner

Shaker Sangam as Wedding Guest

Shannon Edwards as Milner Business Associate

Has previous starred with Fred Galle (2 movies)

Sheri Mann Stewart as Sherry Grotsky

Susan Moss as Maid

Thomas Cocquerel as Huck

Has previous starred with Charles Green (2 movies)

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