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Take Her, She's Mine

Take Her, She's Mine (1963)

Rating: 6.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Take Her, She's Mine. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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James Stewart as Frank Michaelson

Has previous starred with Valerie Varda (2 movies), Jane Wald (2 movies)

Sandra Dee as Mollie Michaelson

Has previous starred with Audrey Meadows (2 movies)

Audrey Meadows as Anne Michaelson

Robert Morley as Mr. Pope-Jones

Philippe Forquet as Henri Bonnet

John McGiver as Hector G. Ivor

Has previous starred with James Stewart (2 movies), Valerie Varda (2 movies)

Bob Denver as Alex

Has previous starred with Art Salter (2 movies)

Monica Moran as Linda Lehman

Cynthia Pepper as Adele

Jenny Maxwell as Sarah

Charla Doherty as Liz Michaelson

Maurice Marsac as M. Bonnet

Has previous starred with Roger Til (2 movies), Irene Tsu (2 movies), Jane Wald (2 movies), Francis Ravel (3 movies)

Marcel Hillaire as Policeman

Has previous starred with Francis Ravel (2 movies), John McGiver (2 movies), Jane Wald (2 movies), Maurice Marsac (5 movies)

Irene Tsu as Miss Wu

Has previous starred with Jane Wald (3 movies)

Charles Robinson as Stanley

Has previous starred with Jane Wald (2 movies), James Stewart (3 movies)

Art Salter as Man at School Board Meeting

Has previous starred with Irene Tsu (2 movies), Jane Wald (2 movies), Evadne Baker (3 movies)

Bobs Watson as Western Union Messenger

Christian Brando as Tony

David Winters as Lester

Evadne Baker as Woman School Board Meeting

Francis Ravel as Photographer

Has previous starred with Valerie Varda (2 movies), Roger Til (2 movies)

Jacques Roux as Cook's Man

Has previous starred with David Winters (2 movies)

Jacques Sorel as Photographer

Jan Stine as Amherst Freshman

Jane Wald as Girl

Marie Baker

Pamela Matthews as Woman at School Board Meeting

Robert Rende as Bit

Roger Til as Inspector

Valerie Varda as Mitzi

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