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The Best Man

The Best Man (1964)

Rating: 7.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Best Man. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Henry Fonda as William Russell

Has previous starred with Kevin McCarthy (2 movies), Natalie Masters (2 movies), George Furth (2 movies), John Indrisano (2 movies), Penny Singleton (3 movies), William Henry (3 movies), Cliff Robertson (3 movies), Sam Harris (6 movies)

Cliff Robertson as Joe Cantwell

Has previous starred with Edie Adams (2 movies)

Edie Adams as Mabel Cantwell

Margaret Leighton as Alice Russell

Shelley Berman as Sheldon Bascomb

Lee Tracy as President Art Hockstader

Ann Sothern as Sue Ellen Gamadge

Gene Raymond as Don Cantwell

Has previous starred with Ann Sothern (6 movies)

Kevin McCarthy as Dick Jensen

Has previous starred with Natalie Masters (2 movies)

Mahalia Jackson as Herself

Howard K. Smith as Howard K. Smith

Has previous starred with Bill Stout (2 movies)

John Henry Faulk as Gov. T.T. Claypoole

Richard Arlen as Sen. Oscar Anderson

Has previous starred with John Indrisano (2 movies), Henry Fonda (2 movies), William Henry (3 movies), Sam Harris (3 movies)

Penny Singleton as Mrs. Claypoole

Has previous starred with Ann Sothern (2 movies)

George Kirgo as Speechwriter

George Furth as Tom

Has previous starred with Sam Harris (2 movies)

Ann Newman-Mantee as Janet

Has previous starred with Ann Sothern (2 movies)

Mary Lawrence as Mrs. Merwin

H.E. West as Sen. Lazarus

Michael MacDonald as Zealot

William R. Ebersol as Gov. John Merwin

Natalie Masters as Mrs. Anderson

Marie Blake as Cleaning Woman

Bill Stout as Himself, Bill Stout

Tyler McVey as Chairman

Has previous starred with Mary Lawrence (2 movies), Edie Adams (2 movies), Marie Blake (2 movies)

Sherwood Keith as Doctor

Jack Daly as Photographer

Has previous starred with Mary Lawrence (2 movies), Sherwood Keith (2 movies), Marie Blake (3 movies), William Henry (3 movies), Tyler McVey (4 movies), John Indrisano (5 movies), Sam Harris (13 movies)

John Indrisano as Mafia Man

Has previous starred with Lee Tracy (2 movies), Edie Adams (3 movies), Tyler McVey (3 movies), Ann Sothern (3 movies), Marie Blake (5 movies)

Sam Harris as Extra

Has previous starred with Edie Adams (2 movies), Penny Singleton (3 movies), Kevin McCarthy (3 movies), Mary Lawrence (4 movies), Gene Raymond (5 movies), Ann Sothern (8 movies), Tyler McVey (8 movies), William Henry (9 movies), Marie Blake (10 movies), John Indrisano (20 movies)

William Henry as Reporter

Has previous starred with Gene Raymond (2 movies), Marie Blake (2 movies), Sherwood Keith (2 movies), Ann Newman-Mantee (2 movies)

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