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The Choirboys

The Choirboys (1977)

Rating: 5.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Choirboys. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Charles Durning as Spermwhale Whalen

Has previous starred with John Steadman (2 movies), James Woods (2 movies), Louis Gossett Jr. (2 movies), Clyde Kusatsu (2 movies), Ta-Tanisha Ta-Tanisha (2 movies), Bill Walker (2 movies), Burt Young (5 movies)

Louis Gossett Jr. as Calvin Motts

Has previous starred with Randy Quaid (2 movies), James Woods (3 movies), Bob Minor (4 movies)

Perry King as Baxter Slate

Has previous starred with Hatsuo Uda (2 movies), Don Stroud (2 movies)

Clyde Kusatsu as Francis Tanaguchi

Has previous starred with John Steadman (2 movies), Burt Young (3 movies), James Woods (4 movies)

Stephen Macht as Spencer Van Moot

Tim McIntire as Roscoe Rules

Has previous starred with James Woods (2 movies)

Randy Quaid as Dean Proust

Has previous starred with James Woods (2 movies), Susan Batson (2 movies), Burt Young (2 movies), John Steadman (2 movies)

Chuck Sacci as 'Father' Sartino

Don Stroud as Sam Lyles

Has previous starred with Bill Walker (2 movies), Burt Young (2 movies)

James Woods as Harold Bloomguard

Has previous starred with Susanne Zenor (2 movies), Burt Young (4 movies)

Burt Young as Scuzzi

Cheryl Smith as Tammy

Susan Batson as Sabrina

Claire Brennen as Carolina Moon

Gene Chronopoulos as Card player

Has previous starred with Ben Young (2 movies)

Dianne Dixon as Carrier 1's wife

Loni Kaye Harkless as Secretary

Louise Lorimer as Fox

Dimitri Logothetis as Card player

Bob Minor as Hod carrier 2

Has previous starred with Burt Young (2 movies), Cheryl Smith (3 movies)

Maria O'Brien as Carrier 2's wife

John Steadman as Odello

Has previous starred with Louise Lorimer (2 movies), Ben Young (2 movies)

Maile Souza as Sheila

Lomax Study as Businessman

Ta-Tanisha Ta-Tanisha as Melissa

Hatsuo Uda as Soldier

Bill Walker as Tilden

Has previous starred with Dianne Dixon (2 movies), Burt Young (2 movies), Louise Lorimer (4 movies)

Ben Young as Vice officer

Susanne Zenor as Blonde

Alex Brown as Policeman

Has previous starred with Tim McIntire (2 movies), Burt Young (2 movies), Bob Minor (3 movies)

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