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The Commission

The Commission (2003)

Rating: 6.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Commission. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Martin Landau as Sen. Richard Russell

Has previous starred with Sam Waterston (2 movies), Martin Sheen (2 movies)

Sam Waterston as J. Lee Rankin

Martin Sheen as Dep. Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach

Has previous starred with Sam Waterston (2 movies)

Edward Asner as Capt. J.W. 'Will' Fritz

Has previous starred with Martin Sheen (2 movies), Martin Landau (2 movies)

Joe Don Baker as Rep. Hale Boggs

Has previous starred with Terrence Beasor (2 movies)

Corbin Bernsen as Rep. Gerald R. Ford

Has previous starred with Lloyd Bochner (2 movies), Martin Sheen (3 movies)

Lloyd Bochner as John J. McCloy

Stephen Collins as Joseph A. Ball

Henry Gibson as Police Chief Jesse Curry

Has previous starred with Martin Sheen (2 movies)

Alex McArthur as Roger Craig

Has previous starred with Don Moss (2 movies)

Jack Betts as Allen Dulles

Has previous starred with Paul Morgan Fredrix (2 movies)

Alan Charof as Chief Justice Earl Warren

Has previous starred with Henry Gibson (2 movies)

Don Moss as Sen. John Sherman Cooper

David Booth as Assistant Counsel J. B. Adams

Has previous starred with Martin Landau (2 movies)

D.C. Douglas as Assistant Counsel Howard P. Willens

Paul Morgan Fredrix as Assistant Counsel Leon Hubert

Graham Galloway as Assistant Counsel David Belin

Michael Gabriel Goodfriend as Assistant Counsel William T. Coleman Jr.

Lloyd Gordon as Assistant Counsel Albert E. Jenner Jr.

Robert Mobley as Assistant Counsel Norman Redlich

Bruce Nozick as Arlen Specter

Jim Abele as Agent Sebastian F. Latona

Michael Adler as Dr. Frederick W. Light Jr.

Has previous starred with Alan Charof (2 movies), Graham Galloway (2 movies)

Sam Anderson as Dr. Robert Roeder Shaw

Terrence Beasor as Garland Slack

Has previous starred with Henry Gibson (2 movies)

Jim Beaver as Howard L. Brennan

Has previous starred with Henry Gibson (2 movies), Martin Landau (3 movies)

Randy Brown as Officer Elmer L. Boyd

Michael Byron as David Ferrie

James Caffrey as Mr. Frazier

Critt Davis as Agent James Sibert

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