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The English Teacher

The English Teacher (2013)

Rating: 5.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The English Teacher. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Julianne Moore as Linda Sinclair

Michael Angarano as Jason Sherwood

Has previous starred with Marcia DeBonis (2 movies), Sophie Curtis (2 movies)

Greg Kinnear as Dr. Tom Sherwood

Has previous starred with Charlie Saxton (2 movies), Lily Collins (2 movies)

Lily Collins as Halle Anderson

Nathan Lane as Carl Kapinas

Has previous starred with Lily Collins (2 movies)

Norbert Leo Butz as Vice Principal Phil Pelaski

Has previous starred with Erin Wilhelmi (2 movies), Jessica Hecht (3 movies)

Jessica Hecht as Principal Trudie Slocum

Has previous starred with Julianne Moore (2 movies)

Charlie Saxton as Will

Nikki Blonsky as Sheila Nussbaum

Fiona Shaw as Narrator

Sophie Curtis as Fallon Hughes

Has previous starred with Olivia Salerno (2 movies)

Brynn Casey as Young Linda

Katie Meinholt as Linda - Teens & 20s

Anthony Ippolito as Blowdried Jock

Has previous starred with Fiona Shaw (2 movies)

John Hodgman as Unmotivated Man

Has previous starred with Charlie Saxton (2 movies), Greg Kinnear (3 movies)

Remy Auberjonois as Arrogan Man

Has previous starred with Norbert Leo Butz (2 movies), Jessica Hecht (2 movies)

Jim Breuer as Narcissist Man

Has previous starred with Nathan Lane (2 movies)

Poonam Basu as Kirthi

Alexander Flores as Ed Mckee

Has previous starred with Peter Y. Kim (2 movies), Charlie Saxton (2 movies)

Alan Aisenberg as Benjamin Meyer

Has previous starred with Nikki Blonsky (2 movies)

Erin Wilhelmi as Joni Gerber

Marcia DeBonis as Nurse Terri

Has previous starred with Jessica Hecht (2 movies)

Donnetta Lavinia Grays as Hospital Administrator

Peter Y. Kim as Orderly 'Mike'

Kevin Hoffman as Burnout Boy

Alan Fox as Quarterback

Marlee Roberts as Cheerleader Girlfriend

Frankie Moschetto as Jealous Nerd

Sasha Almedia-Beers as Waitress

Olivia Salerno as Parking Lot Kid #1

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