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The Fence

The Fence (1994)

Rating: 4.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Fence. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Freddy Rodríguez as Young Terry Griff

Has previous starred with Michael Skewes (2 movies)

Stacy Logan as T. J. Griff

Has previous starred with Michael Skewes (2 movies)

Anne Jacques as Terrys Mom

Billy Wirth as Terry Griff

Jim Foley as Animal

Paul Benjamin as Del Reston

Marc Alaimo as Rudy Baralli

John Hicks Pearce as Frank Medina

David Razowsky as Bet-taker

Clifton Williams as Dancing Inmate

Dev Kennedy as Guard in Machine Shop

Bill McGough as Mr. Kubrick

Neil Flynn as Dominick

Has previous starred with Jim Foley (2 movies), Michael Skewes (3 movies)

Peter Fontana as Salvy

Victor Cole as Duty Officer

Has previous starred with David Razowsky (2 movies), Michael Skewes (2 movies)

Raynor Scheine as Jesse

Richard Wharton as Halfway House Clerk

Lorenzo Clemons as Arthur Price

Has previous starred with Victor Cole (2 movies), David Razowsky (2 movies), Dev Kennedy (2 movies), Michael Skewes (2 movies)

Bernard Mixon as Minister

Has previous starred with Crystal Laws Green (2 movies)

Twinkle Toes as Homeless Woman

Mark Lane as Jerry Reston

Crystal Laws Green as Lorraine Reston

Erica Gimpel as Jackie

Suli McCullough as Bobby Styler

Zina Ponder as Coffee Shop Waitress

Pancho Demmings as Russell

Has previous starred with Neil Flynn (2 movies), Michael Skewes (2 movies)

Joy Cohen as Sylvia

Kevin Sorensen as Lewis

Has previous starred with Anne Jacques (2 movies)

Jack Hoffman as Baby on El Train

Michael Skewes as Miller

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