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The Hawaiians

The Hawaiians (1970)

Rating: 6.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Hawaiians. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Charlton Heston as Whip Hoxworth

Has previous starred with Alec McCowen (2 movies), Geraldine Chaplin (3 movies), James Hong (4 movies)

Tina Chen as Nyuk Tsin

Geraldine Chaplin as Purity Hoxworth

Mako Mako as Mun Ki

Has previous starred with Victor Sen Yung (2 movies)

John Phillip Law as Noel Hoxworth

Alec McCowen as Micah Hale

Has previous starred with Geraldine Chaplin (2 movies)

Don Knight as Milton Overpeck

Miko Mayama as Fumiko

Virginia Ann Lee as Mei Li

Has previous starred with Soo Yong (3 movies)

Chris Robinson as Dr. Whipple Jr.

Naomi Stevens as Queen Liliuokalani

Keye Luke as Foo Sen

Has previous starred with Virginia Ann Lee (2 movies), Soo Yong (4 movies), Victor Sen Yung (9 movies)

Khigh Dhiegh as Kai Chung

Has previous starred with James Gregory (2 movies), Harry Holcombe (2 movies)

Mary Munday as Malama Hale

Harry Townes as Houghton

Lyle Bettger as Janders

Has previous starred with Victor Sen Yung (2 movies), Miko Mayama (2 movies), Charlton Heston (2 movies)

James Hong as Ti Chong

Has previous starred with Keye Luke (2 movies), Mary Munday (2 movies), Virginia Ann Lee (3 movies), Victor Sen Yung (4 movies), Soo Yong (4 movies), Mako Mako (4 movies)

Al Harrington as Military Officer

Ann Knight

Bill Fong as Australia at 14

Daniel Kaleikini Jr. as Police Lt. Keholo

Elizabeth Smith as Apikela

Harry Holcombe as Fredericks

Has previous starred with James Hong (2 movies), Chris Robinson (3 movies)

James Gregory as Dr. Whipple Sr.

Has previous starred with Charlton Heston (2 movies), Harry Holcombe (4 movies)

Mailie McCauley as Iliki

Matthew Fitzgerald as Symes

Soo Yong as Mrs. Ching

Tanya Chang as Mei Li at 8

Victor Sen Yung as Chun Fat

Has previous starred with Virginia Ann Lee (3 movies), Soo Yong (9 movies)

Victor Young as America at 16

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