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The Heat

The Heat (2013)

Rating: 6.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Heat. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Sandra Bullock as Ashburn

Melissa McCarthy as Mullins

Demian Bichir as Hale

Marlon Wayans as Levy

Michael Rapaport as Jason Mullins

Jane Curtin as Mrs. Mullins

Spoken Reasons as Rojas

Dan Bakkedahl as Craig

Has previous starred with Tony Hale (2 movies), Melissa McCarthy (2 movies)

Taran Killam as Adam

Has previous starred with Patty Ross (2 movies), Tony V. (2 movies), Ellen Becker-Gray (2 movies), William Xifaras (3 movies)

Michael McDonald as Julian

Has previous starred with Adam Ray (2 movies), Melissa McCarthy (2 movies)

Thomas F. Wilson as Captain Woods

Peter Weireter as SWAT Team Leader

John Ross Bowie as NY Agent

Has previous starred with Tony Hale (2 movies)

William Xifaras as Tough Guy #1

Has previous starred with Patty Ross (2 movies)

Cary 'Big Shug' Guy as Tough Guy #2

Erica Derrickson as Prostitute

Tony Hale as The John

Has previous starred with Thomas F. Wilson (3 movies)

Deirdre Horgan as Police Dispatch

William Ambrose Kennedy as Desk Sergeant

Tony V. as Precinct Officer

Has previous starred with Ellen Becker-Gray (2 movies), Patty Ross (2 movies), William Xifaras (2 movies)

Amanda Good Hennessey as Woman with Kid

Patty Ross as Drunk Woman

Kaitlin Olson as Tatiana

Ellen Becker-Gray as Tatiana's Mother

Has previous starred with Patty Ross (2 movies), Sandra Bullock (2 movies)

Andy Buckley as Robin

Has previous starred with Michael McDonald (2 movies), Tony Hale (2 movies), Chris Gethard (2 movies), Melissa McCarthy (3 movies)

Don Orsillo as Baseball Announcer

Has previous starred with Tony V. (2 movies), William Xifaras (2 movies)

Adam Ray as LeSoire

Has previous starred with Melissa McCarthy (2 movies)

Chris Gethard as Himself

Dane Anton Aska III as Club Ekko Bartender

Joey McIntyre as Peter Mullins

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