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The Kingdom

The Kingdom (2007)

Rating: 7.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Kingdom. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jamie Foxx as Ronald Fleury

Has previous starred with Jennifer Garner (2 movies), Richard Jenkins (2 movies)

Chris Cooper as Grant Sykes

Has previous starred with Danny Huston (2 movies), Jamie Foxx (3 movies), Richard Jenkins (3 movies)

Jennifer Garner as Janet Mayes

Jason Bateman as Adam Leavitt

Has previous starred with Jeremy Piven (2 movies), Jennifer Garner (3 movies), Jamie Foxx (3 movies)

Ashraf Barhom as Colonel Faris Al Ghazi

Has previous starred with Danny Huston (2 movies), Uri Gavriel (2 movies), Ali Suliman (5 movies)

Ali Suliman as Sergeant Haytham

Jeremy Piven as Damon Schmidt

Richard Jenkins as Robert Grace

Tim McGraw as Aaron Jackson

Kyle Chandler as Francis Manner

Frances Fisher as Elaine Flowers

Has previous starred with Minka Kelly (2 movies)

Danny Huston as Gideon Young

Kelly AuCoin as Ellis Leach

Anna Deavere Smith as Maricella Canavesio

Minka Kelly as Miss Ross

Amy Hunter as Lyla Fleury

Tj Burnett as Kevin Fleury

Omar Berdouni as Prince Ahmed Bin Khaled

Has previous starred with Ali Suliman (2 movies), Raad Rawi (2 movies)

Raad Rawi as Prince Thamer

Mahmoud Said as General Al Abdulmalik

Hezi Saddik as Abu Hamza

Uri Gavriel as Izz Al Din

Has previous starred with Hezi Saddik (2 movies), Ali Suliman (3 movies)

Nick Faltas as Haytham's Father

Has previous starred with Elie Khoury (2 movies)

Ahmed B. Badran as 35-Year-Old Son

Elie Khoury as 15-Year-Old Grandson

Tom Bresnahan as Rex Burr

Yasmine Hanani as Aunt

Trevor St. John as Earl Ripon

Ashley Scott as Janine Ripon

Sarah Hunley as Maddy Ripon

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