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The Krone Experiment

The Krone Experiment (2005)

Rating: 6.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Krone Experiment. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Tom Weirich as Bob Isaacs

Darbi Worley as Pat Danielson

Benjamin Pascoe as Alex Runyan

Has previous starred with Dirk Van Allen (2 movies), Jennifer Matyear (2 movies), Morganna Thomas (2 movies)

Robert Graham as Grigor Zamyatin

Has previous starred with Benjamin Pascoe (2 movies), Jennifer Matyear (2 movies), Morganna Thomas (2 movies)

Charles Pascoe as Viktor Korolev

Cynthia Aguiar as Maria Latvin

Has previous starred with Jennifer Matyear (2 movies)

J. Craig Wheeler as Paul Krone

David Blackwell as Ellison Gantt

Has previous starred with Eric Sparks (2 movies), Michelle Coffin (2 movies), Tom Chamberlain (2 movies), Benjamin Pascoe (2 movies), Dirk Van Allen (2 movies)

Tom Chamberlain as Vincent Martinelli

Has previous starred with Robert Deike (2 movies), Dirk Van Allen (2 movies), Robert Graham (2 movies), Morganna Thomas (2 movies), Benjamin Pascoe (3 movies), Jennifer Matyear (3 movies)

Dirk Van Allen as Howard Drefke

David Jones as Kevin McMasters

Ron Tatar as The President

Michelle Coffin as Muriel Isaacs

Mark Turner as Avery Rutherford

Darlen Nohrn as Pearl DeLoach

Freddy Joe as Art Boswank

Darri L. Cross as Kathleen Huddleston

Jennifer Matyear as Gail Adams

Has previous starred with Morganna Thomas (2 movies)

Robert Deike as Walter Chen

Bill Gainer as Russian President

Phillip Ayliffe as Gen. Dhirzov

Has previous starred with David Blackwell (2 movies)

Morganna Thomas as Aleksia Golodryga

Christopher Dwyer as Russian Agent

Ryan Bust as Yegor Vassilev

Helen Pascoe as President's Aide

Eric Sparks as Rhein Haartvedt

Has previous starred with Michelle Coffin (2 movies)

Luther Keeler as Luther Weinstock

Barbara Pascoe as Operations room controller

Angie Boyd as Operations room staff

Robert Elrod as Operations room staff

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