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The Mob: A Woman's Revenge

The Mob: A Woman's Revenge (2017)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Mob: A Woman's Revenge. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Arlene Tur as Maria Cachiotti

Bob Jennings as Eddy Marshone

Has previous starred with Mango Mango (2 movies)

Carmen Argenziano as Demetrio DeSilva

Has previous starred with Eric Roberts (2 movies), Joe Estevez (2 movies)

Cesar D' La Torre

Craig Zucchero as Joseph Romano

Daniel O'Shea as Michael O'Leary

Dawna Lee Heising as Starla

Eric Roberts as Johnny Racan

Has previous starred with Meggie Maddock (2 movies), Craig Zucchero (2 movies), Sewell Whitney (2 movies), Dawna Lee Heising (2 movies), Wes Studi (2 movies), Vernon Wells (7 movies)

Geovanni Gopradi as Antonio Capresi

James MacPherson as Danny Leroux

Has previous starred with Vernon Wells (4 movies)

Janet Miranda as Arabella Bianchi

Joe D'Onofrio as Bruno Rossi

Has previous starred with Daniel O'Shea (2 movies)

Joe Estevez as Tony DeStephano

Has previous starred with James MacPherson (2 movies), Janet Miranda (2 movies), Dawna Lee Heising (2 movies), Vernon Wells (3 movies), Randall Oliver (3 movies), Eric Roberts (4 movies)

Kenyon Glover as Bodyguard

Lena Olin as Brigitta Cachiotti

Mango Mango as Nicholas Valachio

Massi Furlan as David Buscetti

Has previous starred with Eric Roberts (2 movies)

Meggie Maddock as Sarah Johnson

Randall Oliver as Pop Capresi

Has previous starred with Wes Studi (2 movies), Meggie Maddock (2 movies)

Ricardo Cordero as Mario Rossi

Has previous starred with Daniel O'Shea (2 movies)

Robert Crayton as Morris McLauren

Scott Burn as Jerry Fezzuglio

Has previous starred with Massi Furlan (2 movies), Eric Roberts (2 movies)

Sewell Whitney as Danny Donovan

Spiros Focás as Guiseppi Colombo

Thomas Raft as Rico Cianci

Trevor Coppola as Michael Chapella

Has previous starred with Joe Estevez (2 movies), Wes Studi (2 movies)

Vernon Wells as Stephano Moretti

Has previous starred with Sewell Whitney (2 movies)

Wes Studi as Jackie Marchetti

Has previous starred with Lena Olin (2 movies)

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