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The Onion Movie

The Onion Movie (2008)

Rating: 6.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Onion Movie. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Daniel Chacón as Young American, Cock Puncher

Ken Takemoto as Sensei

Steven Seagal as Cock Puncher

Don McManus as Dennis McCormick

Kate Fuglei as Dolores McCormick

Abigail Mavity as Roseanne McCormick

Reid Weaver as Dennis McCormick, Jr.

Brian Powell as Typical Neighbor Husband

Has previous starred with Adele Robbins (3 movies)

Adele Robbins as Typical Neighbor Wife

Jason L. Miller as Sooty Firefighter

Brendon Baerg as Sooty Child

Len Cariou as Norm Archer

Has previous starred with Steven Seagal (2 movies)

Larissa Laskin as Dana Dobbs

Scott Klace as Kip Kendall

Barbara Pilavin as Alzheimers Old Lady

Sandy Kenyon as Alzheimers Guys in Crowd

Has previous starred with Don McManus (2 movies)

Sam Menning as Alzheimers Guys in Crowd

Orlando Seale as Producer

Erik Stolhanske as Producer

Sarah McElligott as Melissa Cherry

Michael Bolton as Himself

Karl Montgomery as African Child

Kwame Boateng as Dibo

Has previous starred with Sarah McElligott (2 movies)

Steven Kozlowski as White Trash Dude

Randy Oglesby as Surgeon General

Archie Howard as Fat Man

Howard Shur as Smoker

Todd Hanson as Smoker Driver

Arthur Kendall as Bud Schwartz

Ira Gewant as Brunno Tucci

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