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The Sicilian

The Sicilian (1987)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Sicilian. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Christopher Lambert as Salvatore Giuliano

Terence Stamp as Prince Borsa

Joss Ackland as Don Masino Croce

Has previous starred with Ray McAnally (2 movies), Terence Stamp (2 movies), Christopher Lambert (2 movies)

John Turturro as Pisciotta

Has previous starred with Michael Wincott (2 movies), Barbara Sukowa (4 movies)

Richard Bauer as Hector Adonis

Barbara Sukowa as Camilla, Duchess of Crotone

Giulia Boschi as Giovanna Ferra

Ray McAnally as Trezza

Has previous starred with Terence Stamp (2 movies)

Barry Miller as Dr. Nattore

Has previous starred with Tom Signorelli (2 movies)

Andreas Katsulas as Passatempa

Michael Wincott as Cpl. Silvestro Canio

Derrick Branche as Terranova

Richard Venture as Cardinal of Palermo

Ramon Bieri as Quintana

Has previous starred with Tom Signorelli (2 movies)

Stanko Molnar as Silvio Ferra

Oliver Cotton as Cmdr. Roccofino

Has previous starred with Christopher Lambert (2 movies)

Joe Regalbuto as Father Doldana

Has previous starred with Richard Venture (2 movies)

Tom Signorelli as Abbot Manfredi

Aldo Ray as Don Siano of Bisacquino

Nicholas Kepros as University President

Has previous starred with John Turturro (2 movies)

Justin Clark as Boy

Trevor Ray as Frisella, the barber

Barone Giovanni Gagliardo Di Carpinello as Don Pidou of Caltanisetta

Guglielmo Inglese as Don Arzana of Plani dei Greci

Don Luciano Cappucino as Don Marcuzzi of Vallamira

Anita Laurenzi as Mrs. Frisella

Agostino Trupia as Young Frisella

Massimo Sarchielli as Enzo

Has previous starred with Terence Stamp (2 movies), Giulia Boschi (2 movies), John Turturro (3 movies)

Emanuella Torri as Maid

Riccardo De Torrebruna as Adjutant

Has previous starred with Anita Laurenzi (2 movies), Stanko Molnar (2 movies)

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