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The Truth About Charlie

The Truth About Charlie (2002)

Rating: 4.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Truth About Charlie. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Olga Sékulic as Junior Military Officer

Stephen Dillane as Charlie

Has previous starred with LisaGay Hamilton (2 movies)

Françoise Bertin as Woman on Train

Has previous starred with Frédérique Meininger (2 movies), Olga Sékulic (3 movies)

Thandie Newton as Regina Lambert

Cassius Kumar Wilkinson as Hercules

Has previous starred with Sakina Jaffrey (3 movies)

Sakina Jaffrey as Sylvia

Mark Wahlberg as Lewis Bartholamew

Christine Boisson as Commandant Dominique

Has previous starred with Frédérique Meininger (2 movies)

Simon Abkarian as Lieutenant Dessalines

Has previous starred with Charles Aznavour (2 movies), Olivier Broche (2 movies), Stephen Dillane (2 movies), Philippe Fretun (3 movies)

Christophe Salengro as Morgue Attendant

Has previous starred with Christine Boisson (2 movies)

Philippe Fretun as Evidence Handler

Loeïza Jacq as Evidence Handler

Joong-Hoon Park as Il-Sang Lee

LisaGay Hamilton as Lola Jansco

Has previous starred with Thandie Newton (2 movies)

Ted Levine as Emil Zadapec

Has previous starred with Cassius Kumar Wilkinson (2 movies), Sakina Jaffrey (2 movies)

Magali Noël as Mysterious Woman in Black

Raphaelle Gallizzi as Romantic Taxi Driver

Has previous starred with Frédérique Meininger (2 movies)

Michel Crémadès as Amiable Desk Clerk

Has previous starred with Olga Sékulic (2 movies)

Tim Robbins as Carson J. Dyle

Agnès Varda as The Widow Hyppolite

Denis Jousselin as Hotel Barman

Charles Aznavour as Himself - Charles Aznavour

Has previous starred with Magali Noël (3 movies)

Christian Wojtovicz as Lonely Clown

Marine Danaux as Hotel Langlois Chambermaid

Olivier Broche as Aznavour Fan Desk Clerk

Wilfred Benaïche as Toy Store Manager

Has previous starred with Olivier Broche (2 movies), Françoise Bertin (2 movies)

Catherine Chevron as Toy Store Salesgirl

Lionel Elie as African Dignitary

Frédérique Meininger as Madame du Lac

Tony Amoni as Undercover ODC

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