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The Ugly American

The Ugly American (1963)

Rating: 6.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Ugly American. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Marlon Brando as Ambassador Harrison Carter MacWhite

Has previous starred with Pat Hingle (2 movies), Jocelyn Brando (2 movies)

Eiji Okada as Deong

Sandra Church as Marion MacWhite

Pat Hingle as Homer Atkins

Arthur Hill as Grainger

Has previous starred with David McMahon (2 movies), Judson Pratt (2 movies)

Jocelyn Brando as Emma Atkins

Kukrit Pramoj as Prime Minister Kwen Sai

Judson Pratt as Joe Bing

Has previous starred with Ron Veto (2 movies)

Reiko Sato as Rachani, Deong's Wife

George Shibata as Munsang

Has previous starred with Reiko Sato (2 movies), Ron Veto (3 movies)

Judson Laire as Senator Brenner

Has previous starred with Simon Scott (2 movies)

Philip Ober as Ambassador Sears

Has previous starred with Carl Benton Reid (2 movies), Judson Pratt (2 movies)

Yee Tak Yip as Sawad, Deong's Assistant

Carl Benton Reid as Senator at Confirmation Hearing

Has previous starred with Simon Scott (2 movies), George Shibata (2 movies), Ron Veto (2 movies), James Yagi (2 movies)

Simon Scott

Frances Helm

James Yagi

John Daheim

Has previous starred with Carl Benton Reid (2 movies), Leon Lontoc (2 movies), Judson Laire (2 movies), Simon Scott (2 movies), Jerry Velasco (2 movies), Ron Veto (2 movies), David McMahon (4 movies)

Leon Lontoc

Has previous starred with Philip Ober (2 movies), Jerry Velasco (2 movies), James Yagi (3 movies), Carl Benton Reid (4 movies)

Bill Stout as Tyler, NBC Reporter

Stefan Schnabel as Andrei Krupitzyn

Has previous starred with Sandra Church (2 movies)

David Chow as Rebel

Has previous starred with Jocelyn Brando (2 movies), John Daheim (2 movies), Jerry Velasco (2 movies), Leon Lontoc (3 movies), Reiko Sato (3 movies)

David McMahon as Court Guard

Has previous starred with Carl Benton Reid (3 movies), Philip Ober (4 movies)

Jerry Velasco as Oriental Rebel Killer

Mike Monteleone as Construction Worker

Ron Veto as Protestor

Has previous starred with Yee Tak Yip (2 movies)

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