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Tilt (2003)

Rating: 7.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Tilt. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Tom Braidwood as Sam Penzer

Has previous starred with Babs Chula (2 movies), Michael Roberds (2 movies)

John R. Taylor as Don Quixote

Glenn Taranto as Miguel Saavedra

Glen Barwise as Newsstand Vendor - Welcome to Vancouver

Jason Dedrick as Beggar - Welcome to Vancouver

Christine Knight as Streetwalker - Welcome to Vancouver

Babs Chula as Alda Lawrence - Cervantes' Bar

C. Ernst Harth as John - Cervantes' Bar

Has previous starred with Cory Lee (2 movies), Babs Chula (2 movies), John R. Taylor (2 movies), Tiffani Timms (2 movies), Bobby Jo Moore (2 movies)

Michael Busswood as Hank - Cervantes' Bar

Michael Roberds as Steve - Cervantes' Bar

Has previous starred with Babs Chula (2 movies)

Sheri-Lynn Day as Waitress - Cervantes' Bar

Jessica Earle as Child Prostitute

Ben Odberg as The Client

Patrick Stark as Thug Lance

Shawn Stewart as Thug Marty

Colin R. Potter as Thug C. Ernst

Lance Peverley as Thug Patrick

Len Summers as Thug Barry

Govindini Murty as Don Quixote's 'Donna'

Bobby Jo Moore as Allisa - The Tower Base

Cory Lee as Katharine - The Tower Base

Tiffani Timms as Elaine - with pinwheel

Jorge Rodriguez as Coroner

Has previous starred with John R. Taylor (2 movies)

Marty Manifold as Male Prostitute

Rob Cardinal as Officer Zocodover

Anya Gadison as Officer Silleria

Sharon Peters as Wired Woman

Diane Chester as Person of the Day

Eleanor Kim Korver as Person of the Day

Julianne Manchur as Person of the Day

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